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  1. Discussion The Mystery of the Misty Forest

    I personally am liking the new event. There definitely is a learning curve and it may be frustrating for some in the beginning. I feel like strategy has been added back into the events a bit and it isn't just clicking and randomness. Though some things need a bit of tweaking. -While I have no...
  2. Discussion The Mystery of the Misty Forest

    Be careful. I accidently spent event currency when clicking on the little blue info tab next to the items in the "shop" as I was trying to understand the new system. I expected it to only purchase the items if I specifically clicked on the green bar with the event currancy amount in it...
  3. Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    I wonder if Inno is trying to supplement the KP loss due to the new tourney changes with some of the new evolving buildings. However if that's the case it really doesn't help late chapter cities where the KP demand for research is at ridiclous levels.
  4. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    Doesn't the coldfire phoenix provide KP for complete province scouts? Could be from that.
  5. Battle Get rid of the battleground obstacles

    I agree with some of the points in how removing the obstacles could be problemmatic. And since there is no indication that manual fighting is coming to mobile any time soon then why not just give us a preview of the battle field. I know that this has been something that has been asked for...
  6. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    I started my Beta city during the Gollum event a few days after it started. I remember wondering why the event wasn’t showing up for me at first. I think you need to be past a certain point in Ch. 1 for the event to even show up to begin with. I know it was sometime after I finished the tutorial...
  7. Battle Get rid of the battleground obstacles

    +1 This would be very welcomed by mobile players who do not have the option to manual fight and by autofight players who might not want to manual fight / have the time to manual fight. It's frustrating to lose a battle because you don't have the option to see the terrain and the terrain is the...
  8. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    I agree. Especially with getting them back to back like that. I'm stuck until tomorrow on these. Was happy when I cleared #5 after working on it since yesterday and sad when I got #6. I only have 3 unlocked proviences in tourney, was unlucky with NH, and it takes a long time to make them in the MA.
  9. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    @MinMax Gamer I'm experiencing random selection of the chests.
  10. Damage bug in manual combat

    Thanks that’s what I suspected since as Karvest stated combat system is the same.
  11. Damage bug in manual combat

    @Dony is there a possibility that this bug also affects the spire combat as well?
  12. Damage bug in manual combat

    I know you said you filed a bug report in the live servers but maybe one here will help get it fixed. I filled several bug reports on the Live servers weeks if not over a month ago that still haven't been looked at and a friend filed the same main hall bug (that was just reported here) over a...
  13. Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    I had the same thing happen to me today too. At first I had no idea which troops I should select. Then I was thankful for the troop instants that allowed me to have 1 of each myself and went in with that. If it wasn’t for the event I wouldn’t have been able to complete that province because I...
  14. Discussion Sorcerers' Pilgrimage

    @Jackluyt while I agree it was a decent quest list my Ch. 2 city had terrible luck with certain quests such as collect 4 enchantments without an alternative. I don’t have more than 3 provinces maxed unlocked for tourney, Magic academy is at level 2, ran out of CC’s and spell fragments, and had...
  15. Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    I respectfully disagree. Chests 11-19 are bonuses. The goal is still 10 chests. The last thing I want is for them to change the prizes and remove the blueprint from the 10th chest and make it even harder to get then it already is for alot of players. Also I'm not sure of your playstyle but I...