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Recent content by sunrae

  1. sunrae

    Discussion Dawn of the Phoenix

    I very much like the 'Finish a province' quest. Much needed change from scout a province for those of us whose scouts take 4 days.
  2. sunrae

    Cannot reproduce Witch's hut fail in the magic academy

    I have just tried to collect witches hut, but screen frozen and inventory showing red zero. Browser is Google Chrome. Citys graphics are moving behind the greyed out screen but I can't log off. Edit - Ok so I shut down the page and opened new one and the witches hut is now in my inventory.
  3. sunrae

    Units remaining after fight counter- An unwelcome change

    Thank you very very very much. :D
  4. sunrae

    Units remaining after fight counter- An unwelcome change

    Please please please will you stop with the whizzy numbers. :eek: Please stop them, they serve no purpose. :confused: It's actually putting me off playing the spire
  5. sunrae

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.147

    Oh Yes ! This is a brilliant change, thank you Inno. Finally I won't have to travel the world to find my lost neighbours help :D
  6. sunrae

    Movie Quote Of The Moment

    "GET IN THE BACK OF THE VAN" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. sunrae

    New Game Features Memo box

    This is a definite yes from me. I do write things down in my notebook but I have often thought a place to put notes in game would be so so useful. If I could send a message to myself it would serve but we are not able to do that.
  8. sunrae

    Discussion Winter Magic 2021

    Totally fed up with this event now. So many quests to solve encounters & scout provinces. My scout takes 88.5 hours, so I'm stuffed now as waiting to get 2 more encounters to complete one quest. There are so many other possibilities for varying the quests but over and over it the same ones...
  9. sunrae

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.142

    I understand the change to icons from words, if there was a language problem for some people. However the icons are too small, too indistinct and just plain difficult to understand. Please re-design them so they are clear for everyone. The current design is just frustrating :mad:
  10. sunrae

    Discussion Tournament changes

    I was attracted to this game because it was about strategy. If you are making tournaments give all relics each week where is the strategy? No planning needed to acquire the necessary resources, just the same same same. Tournaments were something to enjoy planning for. Smaller cities in all...
  11. sunrae

    Fixed [35715] Tournament won't load

    Game version: (right click ingame, click the version number to copy it, paste here. HTML5: Go to your ingame settings and you can copy it from the bottom of the window.) HTML5 Yes/No: yes Game world: beta Browser/IOS/Android + version: v1.126-beta.5-(62ca73b) - html5 (2021-03-17 07:55)...
  12. sunrae

    Duplicate Something is wrong

    I have this too, so no NH possible