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Recent content by sorella

  1. sorella

    Duplicate Shortkey CTRL + N

    CTRL + N doesn't work (it happens nothing). Browser is Firefox 39.0.
  2. sorella

    Implemented New hotkey: back to notifications

    Unfortunately CTRL + N doesn't work (it happens nothing). Browser is Firefox.
  3. sorella

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 0.21

    Since this afternoon I found several frozen screens after a few clicks (mainly trader and chat). Is that the improvement, the accelerator brings? or is it just buggy all over? I would prefer frozen yoghurt instead of frozen screens today ;)
  4. sorella

    What do we do after the end of the Tech Tree ?

    it wouldn't help against futility and boring if they extend the techtree the same way it is now, I think
  5. sorella

    Human VS Elfes

  6. sorella

    Human VS Elfes

  7. sorella

    Human VS Elfes

  8. sorella

    Human VS Elfes

  9. sorella

    Human VS Elfes

  10. sorella

    Human VS Elfes

  11. sorella

    [Discussion] Testing new forum plug-ins

    @myselfandi did you try puffin? that should work on smartphone with android too. I use it on my iPad. It's with integrated flashplayer. As I remember, there was a free puffin app with advertisements. I bought the payversion, because I use puffin very often for different games which need...
  12. sorella

    Human VS Elfes

  13. sorella

    Human VS Elfes

    394 good night
  14. sorella

    Human VS Elfes