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Recent content by Sirsmithy

  1. 7/7/2020 Beta Life is too Quiet

    What are you thinking about? Any hints please :)
  2. Poll [Mobile] Time until neighborly help can be given

    And this timer is already visible on the map for the neighbors.
  3. Discussion May Celebrations

    I second that!!
  4. Discussion Release Notes version 1.102

    Well, this is coming to live servers on the 2nd of April. Was it beta tested long enough?
  5. User Interface More inventory tabs

    +1 You could add it for building as well.
  6. Discussion Gathering of the Phoenix Cults

    I would like a transparency like this.
  7. Discussion Elvarian Carnival

    Try not to overscout, when events constantly ask for scouting... this is bad reasoning. I’m sorry
  8. Fixed [29477] Mobile app - auto updates not working correctly

    Magic academy is behaving the same as the unit production. You need to have an action actually to see if a spell has been produced.
  9. Discussion Winter Magic

    The same 16 box opening event runs on FOE beta. 400 starts equals to 40 boxes open. This direction is really the wrong one. I suggest to drop this mechanism for Elvenar for the future.
  10. Discussion Winter Magic

    A third option: If you win the daily prize the board should be reshuffled. this is always a headache how to find the shuffle tile after you won the daily prize.
  11. Discussion Winter Magic

    I experience this way of event in FOE since 2014. I am always disappointed, that this still exists. I find the best solution, if finding the daily reward would shuffle the board. Additionally adjust the amount of presents so, that we could almost have the same % chance for rewards as we had...
  12. Discussion Winter Magic

    @Marindor , I guess this is the best way to explain the problem of the shuffle system.