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Recent content by shadowblack

  1. Elvenar Survey is not current

    I'm not sure where best to post this, so I'm putting it here: Since I gave up on the game and have not played in weeks I got a mail asking me to take a survey and explain why I stopped playing. I decided to oblige and started answering the questions. But then I got to this question: See...
  2. Time to say goodbye

    Well, this is it. As of now I have given up on my final city, completely stopped playing, and left the game. I didn't even make it to the end of Chapter 15, as I got bored of it when I had a few more techs remaining. Goodbye, everyone.
  3. Discussion Gathering of the Phoenix Cults

    I'm not sure why you're asking here, but I'll just quote what I wrote on the EN forum when someone asked the same thing:
  4. Discussion Gathering of the Phoenix Cults

    It would be a lot easier to believe that our feedback is not being ignored if you guys bothered to actually communicate with us. How hard is it to actually tell us things once or twice a week? Something that takes five minutes, for example: How hard is it to do that sort of thing once or twice...
  5. Discussion Release Notes version 1.100

    Based on this bug report: https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/aws-are-broken-once-again.14589/ It seems like they finally got around to impelementing this idea: https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/show-aw-reward-chests-before-donations.10521/ - more than an year itt...
  6. Not a Bug elvarian carnival issue

    Ask other players to post small trades for you - either players from your fellowship or your neighbours. That's your best bet for this sort of quest.
  7. Fixed [30247] Spire - misleading graphics

    Are you sure you are not misunderstanding what those graphics mean? The impression I got is that they show your current progress along the current set of 4 encounters: - no fill - no encounter compelete (you just started or just opened the gate leading tot his section) - 1 filled - 1 encounter...
  8. Discussion Proposed trading star rating changes

    1:1,5:2,25 is good. 1:2:4 is also fine, but I prefer the former.
  9. Discussion Winter Magic

    Lack of Pet Food won't do anything about the free units that can be obtained from the Bears. 15 Bears means a lot of free units...
  10. Discussion Winter Magic

    I think you mean "assess". ;) "Access" means something else. I'm sad to say that making this little ciorrection is the most fun I've had with the event since it started on live... :(
  11. Discussion Winter Magic

    You get the chest automatically now - if you find one. It's just as random as before, only you no longer have to look around the other player's city.
  12. Discussion Winter Magic

    That seems like an error. I'm not sure if it is a bug or just a text error, but either way you can't produce Toolboxes in a Manufactory. Toolboxes are produced in Workshops.
  13. Poll for ideas

    No offense, but that's just stupid. Ignoring a good idea just because not enough players saw it and said they like it? Really?
  14. City Evolutions

    Or they could just follow FoE's example and provide upgrades only for buildings that are 2+ years old.