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  1. Scoobydoo

    Cannot reproduce Game loading stuck

    Again live server issues need to be reported to the relevant live server support as we ONLY deal with Beta issues here
  2. Scoobydoo

    Discussion Sorcerers' Homecoming

    Again any live server issues need to be reported to live support as we ONLY deal with Beta issues here
  3. Scoobydoo

    Not a Bug Missing reward from tournament

    You beat me to it @Dony, they are indeed correct the picture shows whats needed for the AW to upgrade
  4. Scoobydoo

    Discussion Sorcerers' Homecoming

    Can we all keep to feedback regarding the event, as the CM requested rather than attacking other posters as this is of no help at all
  5. Scoobydoo

    Discussion Sorcerers' Homecoming

    All back and tickety boo now ;)
  6. Scoobydoo

    Discussion Sorcerers' Homecoming

    Thanks, yes we are aware and getting checked out now
  7. Scoobydoo

    Hi Beta

    Welcome to Beta @geana :)
  8. Scoobydoo

    Something rustles in the grass!

    Or the Discworld suitcase :D
  9. Scoobydoo

    Change email

    Hi @UlyssesBlue contact us at support and we can confirm that for you, obviously with security questions to answer ;)
  10. Scoobydoo

    Discussion Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    Please remember to respect all posters, including team members who are only trying to help the best we can, also negativity helps no one so please try to be constructive in your posts. Thank you in advance
  11. Scoobydoo

    Not a Bug This world is currently updated … or not?

    It should all be back now :)
  12. Scoobydoo

    today's update - 20.04

    And it should be back now :)
  13. Scoobydoo

    today's update - 20.04

    We are looking into it as I type