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  1. Rill

    Discussion Runeshard Changes

    The fighting could nevertheless be less costly if people didn't expand their cities to the maximum size and invest in Wonders that don't benefit them (such as the wonders that boost rank for people who are not competing for rank). I think if people understood the effect this has, they would make...
  2. Rill

    Discussion Runeshard Changes

    This is absolutely true based on the larger players in my fellowship. They add city expansions and wonder levels like crazy and complain about not being able to get to the top of the Spire because it's too expensive. Meanwhile I have a tiny city and one AW and climb to the top with ease. But...
  3. Rill

    Halloween event

    The unit-producing buildings have the benefit of not requiring supplies to produce units, but they produce so few that it is more like an "uh huh" than a "hooray!"
  4. Rill

    Small cities

    On the US1 server I have a chapter 5 city that currently has 30 expansions (including the initial 6), 5 of which are dedicated to the FA. When the next event begins and I progress to the Dwarves chapter, those extra 5 expansions will be used for my Dwarven settlement. For most of chapter 5, I...
  5. Rill

    Rebalance of evolving buildings/unfairness towards newer players

    @Dl. Goe the way I framed my comment was intended to point out the hypocrisy in your attacks on others and suggestions that they are "special" and trying to protect their own interests. It seems that you perceive the parallels.
  6. Rill

    Rebalance of evolving buildings/unfairness towards newer players

    @Dl. Goe I still don't understand how this affects you. Yes, there are theoretically a few people who have multiples of an item you cannot. (There are also people who have Father Christmas trees and Kirit sets, etc. that you will perhaps never have.) But there are perhaps 10-20 people on each...
  7. Rill

    Rebalance of evolving buildings/unfairness towards newer players

    @Dl. Goe I am a player who restarted the game after it was possible to have multiple fire phoenixes, brown bears, moonstone libraries, etc. I agree with others who say a few people having multiples is not a big enough problem that the developers should alter the rest of the game in ways that...
  8. Rill

    Rebalance of evolving buildings/unfairness towards newer players

    Newer players are now able to get fire phoenixes and bears from the Spire (although it takes a while to accumulate them). So they are not at a permanent disadvantage (other than by not having multiples, which few players have). I guess I don't understand the problem.
  9. Rill

    (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    Since they nerfed the currency payout on the live worlds, it would actually be cool to have an FA that would give the last building or last two buildings. That is probably too much to hope for though.
  10. Rill

    Events Add unlimited quests to League events.

    I wonder if a con for this would be that this benefits established players who have oodles of timers and spells and things and not so much newer players and thus would potentially discourage newer players who are not whales but might spend modest amounts to get in gold league? I don't have a...
  11. Rill

    Old news, but still...

    It's my understanding that there is still an advantage to placing premium expansions vs. regular expansions -- that premium expansions have less of a negative effect than regular expansions. If one put in premium expansions instead of, not in addition to, province or research expansions, then it...
  12. Rill

    Not a Bug Unable to Open Chest after Required Provinces Completed

    Edited: Oops, figured out what I did wrong, there was a tech filled but not completed! __
  13. Rill

    New Researches: "Neighborhood" and "Fellowships"

    @SlyLady I have an invitation from a fellowship, and I am unable to access it. The entire fellowship button is greyed out. I can see the red flag indicating I have an invitation, but there is no way for me to accept it. I play on the browser; it is possible it is different on mobile, or maybe...
  14. Rill

    Undocumented changes

    @Enevhar Aldarion can you see the KP requirement on browser, or is that still hidden under the chest?
  15. Rill

    Discussion Sorcerers' Homecoming

    Since the spenders are paying for my free enjoyment, I don't begrudge them a few perks. The event is designed so that anyone who completes the tasks can get the basic buildings, and I'm pretty ok with that.