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Recent content by Richord

  1. Discussion Spire of Eternity

    for me the spire is useless besides the diamonds. I don't want to spend time and all kinds of stuff to 'just' get diamonds. Until a majority of my fs' do want to up our games.
  2. Other Training

    BIG NO; adjust your city with the right wonders to 'solve' your problem. and what karvest said.
  3. New Game Features Evolving building with pet food effects.

    NO; we have instant effects for that. (coins) increase NH; we have wonders. NO; coins from houses; increase your cult and NO; scout=points=increased power of wonders. sorry, your ideas would mess up this game and all 'problems' don't exist; you'll have to adjust your play stile:)
  4. Other Scout finished as notification

    Yeah; the MA/tower icons are interactive, so why not the worldmap-icon too?
  5. Other Lack of food instants

    this game is about choices. using food all the time for to many buildings; it's a choice.
  6. Discussion Chapter 16: Embassies

    no thanks; marks as unsafe and safecheck-sites don't give me the green light on that site.
  7. Discussion Chapter 16: Embassies

    elvengems seems to be dying. So yes; if anybody has another website/safe link or so; thanks. If not; We'll just see what happens:)
  8. User Interface Mark city as "Dead"

    It's a massive problem, but it doesn't matter what we suggest; they won't listen.
  9. Other Window to see the questions to select a questions

    mwoah, I rather have worthy quests instead of a FA-menu like option. The gains are SOOOO tiny, I don't even bother anymore to click on them. Not even when it would be easier.
  10. Other Several chests in the tournament

    no thanks. Tournament is one of the best events of this game. more is not necessary. Want more rewards? try convincing those unwilling-to-listen-devs to increase the rewards a lot in FA and in the tower.
  11. Other Swap runes from AW that are in level 30.

    BAD idea. will mess up the game. see many other threads about this. (but i do support a 'forge' method in eg MA)
  12. Tournament City

    Don't answer this, it's -in a way- cheating. Grabbing rewards from those who play the game like it's intended.
  13. Discussion Release Notes version 1.104

    icon of tower keeps going away after a little while after refreshing/login.
  14. Discussion Chapter 16: Embassies

    well, yes; the system sucks, but needing runes? never. through deals, tournament and tactical gameplay, I barely ever 'need' runes. So; fixing the rune problem by making wonderresearch optional isn't it (for me)