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  1. Discussion Proposed trading star rating changes

    the only way I see the whole thing is in terms of time. I don't care about gold and supplies, they are free to make. for simplicity sake, let's assume all three tiers get made at the same rate (output/time). Why would I give 16x of T1 for 1x of T3, when it cost me 16x the amount of time to make...
  2. Discussion Proposed trading star rating changes

    I don't get you. 1.5:1 is fair, and the proposed changes to star rating system will reflect that with a 2-stars for anything matching 1.5:1, 1 or 0 star for anything below that and 3 stars for anything above that There is no proposed change to trading limits. So if you want to place 100:1600...
  3. Discussion Proposed trading star rating changes

    Why? Edit: and what should they be changed to, in your opinion?
  4. Discussion Proposed trading star rating changes

    4:2:1 is good, and 2.25:1.5:1 is even better.
  5. Discussion Chapter 15: The Elvenar

    I would like to pose a question for the heavy tournament players: given the shift towards T4 - 6, how do you maintain your T1 - 3 goods production? I spend upwards of 1 million goods T1/T2 per tournament, usually getting around 6 - 7k points
  6. Discussion Chapter 15: The Elvenar

    As human my mortars kinda lousy so I need Orc Strats a lot. On average I use about 100 - 150 squads of main units each tourney. So that is a lot of Orc Strats. Spire negotiation takes a lot of them as well, something which I have given feedback on
  7. Discussion Chapter 15: The Elvenar

    Heroes forge is also useful for Heavy Melee attack. Orcs are needed in catering tournaments and in the Spire, and I need more of them even with 8 armories, and for training Orc Strats as well
  8. Discussion Chapter 15: The Elvenar

    What I'd like to see is higher orc production rates in armories
  9. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    Hey @Marindor , that's all very nice and dandy but many of the player feedback here have already been suggested since the Mermaid event. So, apart from changing the artwork and introducing yet another unwelcome challenge (chapter -1 production buildings), could you tell me what exactly have you...
  10. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    Let's be real about it here. The old system of fixed number of quests and grand prizes had a hard limit on how many key prizes a person could get. It came to a point where one could get all 3 Grand Prizes for no money as long as they were active enough. The following scenarios would be where...
  11. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    Stupid answer that addresses nothing In the old events, there were 3 grand prizes and set number of quests. There was also a hard limit to how many event items one could collect (i.e. finish all quests and collect all drops). I cannot imagine how to abuse that system. You changed it to an...
  12. Discussion Release Notes version 1.88

    Think about it this way - use those CCs once, and never have those recipes bother you again, or save those CCs, which by the way, all you really need is time to accumulate, and be annoyed every time said recipes pop up (i.e. forever). If I had my way I'd spend CCs to kill every recipe I don't...
  13. Discussion Release Notes version 1.88

    incorrect. The Golden King, the biggest piece of the set, costs 15 CC + 2250 spell frags and rewards 35 vision vapor. the CC-VV ratio is 2 1/3, which isn't so bad. most other useful items (e.g. KP, AW KP, Valorian Valor, GotOS etc) have similar ratios I crafted the set to get it out of...
  14. More possibilities to negotiate

    If you choose to bind one arm in a boxing match, you shouldn't ask for a ultra cyborg bionic arm replacement for your other arm
  15. Discussion Summer Solstice

    My main point is the change from one option being impossible to both options possible to do in the "this or that" quests. of course, the easier the quest the more we like it. but, if it is changed from "unlock tech" which is impossible for anyone at the end of tech tree, to "deliver xx goods"...