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Recent content by pzkpfwv1d

  1. Fixed [23568] Some AWs missing overview information

    I can confirm this but for me it is the Great Bell Spire, I am only about 15 knowledge points from upgrade
  2. Cannot reproduce login stops at 11

    I can not get in either, stopped at 11
  3. Fixed [15938] invisible city

    neighbours and own city since update 1.29
  4. [Discussion] Release Notes version 1.22

    I produce all boosted goods in my city, but still never have sufficient 4 plank manufactories - approx 18000 planks every 9 hours 4 silk manufactoies - approx 18000 silk every 9 hours 3 magic dust manufactories - approx 14000 dust every 9 hours
  5. [Discussion] Release Notes version 1.22

    What is the point of adding new updates when Inno games has made it impossible for existing players to progress Trian troops - but they are not able to beat any unconquered provinces on the map therefore no room for expansion Buy goods to expand - cost per sector of a province is astronomical...
  6. New Game Features Wholesale market

    This new escalating cost scale for the wholesaler is a definate no go, what were the developers thnking
  7. [Discussion] Behind the Scenes: Battle Redesign

    I have conquered 321 provinces and also now have a quest, fight and win 3 encounters, I use humans and the defending armies in the current province comprise 570 swamp monsters, 3480 archers, 4 x 870 heavy troops and 1350 enchanters, against this I can field may be 900 units 4 x blessed paladins...
  8. [Discussion] InnoGames TV - September Episode

    We have already had elves so I doubt if they will do them again, however, it is nice to know that we will finally get the units we were promised long long ago
  9. Fixed [11215] Visiting member fails with JSON error and reloads the game

    Confirmed, can not visit people who have given aid, have tried to go via the map as well and still getting the error there
  10. [Discussion] Release Notes 1.10 & Orcs and Goblins have been spotted in Elvenar!

    It is all well and good posting a link Goryn, but the link does not answer the valid questions I have asked
  11. Extensions

    I have 4 expansions in invetory and I also asked this question in the discussion regarding the latest update
  12. [Discussion] New Questline: The Contest

    What do we get as quests 2 days 17 hours from the end - produce 24 hour goods specific to level 1 goods boost - this is a non completable quest for all though who have developed there cities to the maximum levels - goods buildings get larger and so you have fewer of them - you might have 4 for...
  13. [Discussion] Release Notes 1.10 & Orcs and Goblins have been spotted in Elvenar!

    All very well for the release of the new race but what has happened with regards to the promised mercenaries from the last expansion to the tech tree and where is the extra space for the buildings
  14. [Discussion] New Questline: The Contest

    Who says the humans are not going to win, elves might be long lived but they are decadent and live life at a slower pace so a human city will expand quicker than the comparative elven city even if the elven city will probably last longer
  15. Cannot reproduce Cities with no buildings and other isues

    Elevenar Bata - latest version Windows 10 Google Chrome latest version When visiting cities the buildings are not showing up, sometimes there are icons and if hovering you can tell what a building is, but other times there is nothing at all