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  1. pinksunset

    Hi everyone

    Welcome, Stephen!
  2. pinksunset

    Fixed [36926] Render config JSON not found

    Thank you for your patience. The issue has been forwarded for fixing. In the meantime, perhaps try another browser.
  3. pinksunset

    Not a Bug The app crushes too often

    Please try the following: Double-tap on the navigation button and swipe to close Elvenar. This will make the game reload. Switch off and on your device. Can you please try to uninstall and reinstall the game, as some data may have been missed in the most recent update. Carry out a soft...
  4. pinksunset

    Fixed [38193] Fellowship shield will not open

    If anyone is still having troubles, could they please: Log out and clear the cache. Also, do a soft reset of the modem. Switch it off for a couple of minutes. Let us know what happens.
  5. pinksunset

    Fixed [38178] Can't hand in last quest

    Some of us may need to log out and clear the cache for the fix to work. :)
  6. pinksunset

    Fixed [38178] Can't hand in last quest

    A fix should have been deployed now. Thank you very much for your patience. Please could you now refresh your game and then click on the quests. It should be possible to collect the reward now.
  7. pinksunset

    Not a Bug Cold Fire Phoenix not Evolving

    @Nimmy pop a ticket in, please. Attention Pinksunset. Thanks a million.
  8. pinksunset

    Fixed [38193] Fellowship shield will not open

    We are still looking into this. A little patience more. :)
  9. pinksunset

    Fixed [38193] Fellowship shield will not open

    Hello @Hapzim Sorry about this. Could you pop a ticket into support so we can investigate this further. Thank you!
  10. pinksunset

    Fixed [38145] where are the prizes gone and the League as soon as I have a cat free fogged

    Spielversion: Game version: (v1.140-beta.10-(9cf5f20) - html5 (2021-10-15 08:23) HTML5: (2021-10-15 08:23).) Spielwelt: Game world: Beta Browser/IOS/Android + Version: Windows Crome Version 94.0.4606.81 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit), Microsoft Edge Version 94.0.992.47 (Offizielles Build)...
  11. pinksunset

    Not a Bug Upgrade Endless Scroll (Embassy=> Unur)

    Thank you for your report. This is not a bug. The amount produced does stay the same when you upgrade the endless scrolls building between these two chapters.
  12. pinksunset

    Duplicate Error while helping neighbors on the world map

    @Kimnn Welcome to the forum and thank you for the report. This is a duplicate thread and the issue has been passed on to the developers.
  13. pinksunset

    Duplicate Bug Tournament and Polish

    @Jumping Thank you for making a report. Tournament points. The fellowship was started while the tournament is in progress. You need to be in the fellowship 24 hours before the tournament starts to see your tournament points and open chests. Neighbourly Help This is a duplicate report. The...
  14. pinksunset

    Cannot reproduce Re-roll

    @Mavelle Thank you very much for starting a report. Could you fill out a bug report so we can investigate the problems you are having. You can find the template for the bug report at the link below. https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/guide-to-bug-reporting.1913/#post-10526