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  1. Philplessis

    HTML5 - help reward message not appearing after giving help

    sorry, did not find the thread, should have checked that 2nd page ....
  2. Philplessis

    HTML5 - help reward message not appearing after giving help

    Game version: (right click ingame, click the version number to copy it, paste here. HTML5: Go to your ingame settings and you can copy it from the bottom of the window.) could not copy it, it is today's build HTML5 Yes: Game world: BETA1 Browser/IOS/Android + version: Chrome 68.0.3440.106 (Build...
  3. Philplessis

    Duplicate Finished building doesn't complete

    had same issue today while upgrading planks manufactories for the "upgrade 4 to lvl 5" quest indeed, opening notifications does complete the upgrade and free the builder
  4. Philplessis

    Fixed [22043] KP Timer Issue

    had a similar issue lately I had 19 kps in the KP bar, and the timer went to 0, bringing the total to 20 I tried to give 20 kps into a fellow's wonder, but got an internal error trying manually, I only got the error on the last KP finally, I bought a kp with gold and could add it to the wonder...
  5. Philplessis

    Events Allow players to use event currency to skip event quests

    yes, this is needed, I could not complete several events between finishing halflings and next chapter arrival because all my buildings where upgraded ...
  6. Philplessis

    Discussion Elementals

    this may already have been said, but the nail needs to be hammered to the max : I for one am deeply displeased with the way bonuses for sentient goods have been managed; having a bonus for planks, I expected to have a bonus for elven tree gum; now I get the bonus for moonstone, which will force...
  7. Philplessis

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.48

    so.. you admit that bugs can be labeled as features, and that includes major ones :D ?
  8. Philplessis

    Fixed [20145] Barrack broken

    this will make things tough on the tournament today ....
  9. Philplessis

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.43

    if release notes were made public in a timely manner, I would not have had to discover this by myself, the hard way : I wanted to spend coins in excess, and I ended up wasting supplies; hence the disappointment and the harsh tone and I still think that as long as it is "for (as of yet...
  10. Philplessis

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.43

    the trader was working nicely on browser, so some bloke decided that this was unacceptable and that the order of the offers should be changed; devs, quit being stupid, it does not help the game nor the corporation.
  11. Philplessis

    How many armory to have?

    it is about the end-of-path rewards in the fellowship adventure, when opening the rewards window the highlight on the chests was behaving wrong :)
  12. Philplessis

    Discussion Elvenar Mobile!

    oh my god ... :confused:
  13. Philplessis

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    now that's better, although the last event proved that devs do not have yet a clear grasp of the "do this or do that" quest condition concept, especially when it comes to scouting; that is why I am against scouting quests : better safe than furious ;)
  14. Philplessis

    New guest race

    what I saw was the blue indicator that said "you can trade sentient goods with this player" and none of the discovered ones had it, although I have neighbours who were ahead of me into the halflings at the time; the only one that was flagged was an undiscovered one, (now discovered) to make...
  15. Philplessis

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    more variety in quests, yes scout a province, NO !!! it is a timed event, and you need to have one member who is ready and willing to scout a province without harming their progress and ressources, which may prove hard to find, and finally will add even more frustration.