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Recent content by Nemesiss

  1. Nemesiss

    Fixed [29060] Messed up fighter graphics

    It worked for me. Thanks!!
  2. Nemesiss

    Cannot reproduce Can't collect on a swipe for my winter set buildings

    So, is there any solution about this bug?
  3. Nemesiss

    Fixed [28958] Cannot collect treant from the pyramid

    Similar issue :(. Any solution??
  4. Nemesiss

    Fixed [19377] Gridlines Missing on the Battlefield

    Any news about this bug?? I need my gridlines back!!! :):)
  5. Nemesiss

    Not an error No Text in Builder expansions present

    Thanks for the info Sylvia:)
  6. Nemesiss

    Not an error No Text in Builder expansions present

    I also have the same problem. I opened my city expansion 29 but i can't see it in the buildings menu. The same happened with expansion 28. Where are my expansions dear dev's? Thank you!!!
  7. Nemesiss

    The New Battle System Is Terrible!

    The new battle system is extremely difficult. I tried to fight, but i lost all my troops with almost one hit. Elvenar was my best game, untill now, but unfortunately dear dev's it's time for me - and a lot of my in game friends - are about to quit until u will change this horrible battle...