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Recent content by Naomi

  1. Cannot reproduce Server error?

    Thanks for contacting us, the game is available again.
  2. Fixed Impossible to login into beta.elvenar

    Thanks for your patience, the error was fixed and the game is running again.
  3. Fixed Impossible to login into beta.elvenar

    Hello guys, Thank you for reporting this issue. My colleagues will investigate the problem, and forward to the tech team for fixing. It takes time, please be patient, we are on it. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may cause.
  4. Naomi

    Hey guys! I'm Noémi, a 40 year old Hungarian, the newest member of the Elvenar Beta team. I've been playing on Elvenar Beta almost since its launch, so it was not a question for me that i'd like to be here with you :) I'm not a new Inno volunteer, for I'm the CoMa of the Hungarian Tribal Wars...