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  1. Midnightsidhe

    Discussion The Harvest Festival

    My conjecture is that the spell is more intended for people who want to keep an event building for sentimental/aesthetic reasons than for people who want to keep the strongest buildings. That's going to be my only motivation for using it, personally, and since I'm not feeling the same...
  2. Midnightsidhe

    Discussion The Harvest Festival

    Is this event going to be available on mobile? I've only been on mobile for the last week and had no idea that an event had started until I came here to the forum today.
  3. Midnightsidhe

    Are Tournaments Worth Playing or a Waste of Time

    Totally agree. Also, even modest rewards are still rewards which you wouldn't get otherwise, and while they might not be much to write home about individually, they do add up over time. And even the first eight or nine provinces can be invaluable during events.
  4. Midnightsidhe

    Discussion HTML5

    This sounds exactly like what was happening to me, apart from not being able to get back in at all.
  5. Midnightsidhe

    Discussion HTML5

    I'm sporadically having problems getting into the game. After 15/24, it stops and says that I need to activate 3D hardware acceleration in my browser (Chrome). But when I look at my settings, hardware accleration is enabled, and when I look at chrome://gpu everything there seems to be...
  6. Midnightsidhe

    Discussion The Tale of the Wandering Moon

    I think I'm actually going to finish this event. :eek: I honestly can't remember the last time I finished one. It's been relaxing and low-key, and I haven't rushed but am clearly going to get done, probably with time to spare, and the buildings are gorgeous... what a pleasant surprise! Also...
  7. Midnightsidhe

    Fixed [23213] Mobile - Wandering moon "jams" game

    Same. The questlines are working if you go through the sidebar quests and don't touch the event notice.
  8. Midnightsidhe

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    It's a way of keeping everything organised so that everyone knows who has what and what is still needed, and also so that it's easier to tell if there's someone who still needs to insert a badge before changing the map. It's particularly useful early on, when there are relatively few insertion...
  9. Midnightsidhe

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.60

    They can drive, they just have to make adjustments. https://www.color-blindness.com/2007/02/06/colorblind-at-the-traffic-light/
  10. Midnightsidhe

    Discussion The Amuni

    @Loki Blue -- They're so majestic and also fluffy. :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: I support Freyja's life choices. You're right, though, I should never visit Ásgard: I'm horribly allergic to cats. It's very unfortunate. (Or fortunate? It might be the only reason I haven't yet been dragooned...
  11. Midnightsidhe

    Discussion The Amuni

    Did anyone else have to watch the video twice because the first time they were too mesmerised by Packa's beautiful felinity? I only took in about forty percent of it the first time because my brain got stuck on CAT!!!!!!!! I'm really intrigued by how distribution seems to be one of the themes...
  12. Midnightsidhe

    Fixed [22988] Impossible to pick up Orcs

    Same problem here, both HF and Armory.
  13. Midnightsidhe

    Discussion Woodelvenstock Summer Event

    Heffernan, I'm having the same problem. I never fight, so I've kept my barracks at a very low level in all my cities, but now this means it takes literally days for me to train all the troops, unless I use the more valuable time boosters, which is really frustrating. (And I don't research the...
  14. Midnightsidhe

    Discussion Woodelvenstock Summer Event

    I've won nine Mystical Lakes somehow! That is unusually (and somewhat excessively) lucky for me.
  15. Midnightsidhe

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.59

    I have a tattoo of cats that are also dragons (or dragons that are also cats? I think of them as cat-dragons, myself), so I'd be psyched if we get to meet your fine son.