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Recent content by Miciah

  1. Miciah

    Fixed [27693] Can't load the Game...

    if you cant login to your city how are you switching to flash from html5?
  2. Miciah

    Discussion Constructs

    that doesn't make any difference ...what it is ,is the squad size itself when you are at 1700 per sqd vs enemy 2200 per sqd mixed so you cant get an advantage .......more troops wont help
  3. Miciah

    un-able to login , always stay 17/26

    i think the hamster in the wheel powering up the server went on strike
  4. Miciah

    un-able to login , always stay 17/26

    lol mine is an elf city i cant login
  5. Miciah

    Discussion Constructs

    yes the aws that produce units make a handful more but are killed off faster from bigger enemy squad sizes= no gain
  6. Miciah

    un-able to login , always stay 17/26

    yep was making trades and a pop up said game being updated try again later........... big update i guess
  7. Miciah

    Cannot reproduce Can't login with HTML5 enabled, loading screen at 17/26

    same been about a half hour now... was making some trades and got a pop up about the game being updated and said try again later.....well must be big update
  8. Miciah

    Discussion Constructs

    the new wonders are not a game changer, they do/will help in time.. the time warp helps shorten duration between rounds but whats the point if you cannot replace troops fast enough in 16 hrs vs 12 hrs or less? the sapiens does add free units to the troops you have in que but isn't enough to...
  9. Miciah

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.75

    cant login ??????? http://prntscr.com/mu4yn0
  10. Miciah

    Cannot reproduce tourney broken

    game freezes upon opening sector and or the fight cater options are grayed out. edit ....it is now working again
  11. Miciah

    Discussion Winter Magic

    bug buggy bug bug bug buggy cannot fight in tourney either game freezes upon opening sector and or the fight cater options are grayed out
  12. Miciah

    Fixed [22988] Impossible to pick up Orcs

    same thing here cannot collect from HF or armory...... load... reload ...engage HTML... disengage same result
  13. Miciah

    Elven architect - Latest updates

    kp timer counting up ........http://prntscr.com/jkgpsw http://prntscr.com/jkgsou
  14. Miciah

    Discussion Elementals

    could do without the 7 day quest scout 2 provinces..... smh
  15. Miciah

    Cannot reproduce Chat not working

    hasn't worked for last 7-8 hrs logged in at 5 am no chat been on several times since and now it is 2 pm and still not working http://prntscr.com/iig6uk