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Recent content by Lord Jirre

  1. Lord Jirre

    Duplicate Complete Troops deleted

    Same. Bit of an issue since I had about 150 squads of each.
  2. Lord Jirre

    Discussion Eldrasil's Ascending

    Deers are called horses, chestnuts are called hazelnuts, I think the devs need to go outside and into nature a bit more. They seem to have forgotten what is what :p
  3. Lord Jirre

    Discussion Unknown eggs discovered in Elvenar

    Can anyone give me numbers on how much it actually boosts your production? If it makes my non-boosted factories as good as my boosted ones I might just put some down for shits and giggles and a change of view.
  4. Lord Jirre

    World Map [WM] Show scouting times

    And of course a yes from me :) Still a useful update and honestly shouldn't be too hard to implement.
  5. Lord Jirre

    [Battle] Military Research

    Aww yea, let's get this into the game (ง'̀-'́)ง
  6. Lord Jirre

    [Discussion] Fellowship-based tournaments

    Same question as Katzenprinz here. Will we able to build magical workshops from nothing with these blueprints? Start at chapter one and then upgrade them with more blueprints? Otherwise there's no reason for non-dia players to go for blueprints, which could be very frustrating for the diamond...
  7. Lord Jirre

    [Discussion] Behind the Scenes: Battle Redesign

    @Dony Really? Haven't noticed. What units are different?
  8. Lord Jirre

    [Discussion] Behind the Scenes: Battle Redesign

    Enemy units will be rebalanced as well. They're based on our units, sometime even use the same units, so it makes sense that they'll be rebalanced. As for Cereberii instantly killing Archers/Sorceresses, they're kinda supposed to do that. I doubt that changes much.
  9. Lord Jirre

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 1.13

    Needles of Tempest doesn't say "all" light ranged units. It's the "all" that bothers me.
  10. Lord Jirre

    Mercenary Camp, Drone Rider ... ?

    Who says they dropped it? They didn't. Going by your example delaying updates because of the mercenary camp would be like saying you can't work on the kitchen because the bathroom isn't finished yet. Both projects might be in the same house, but you can work on each one separately.
  11. Lord Jirre

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 1.13

    No, but usually the description doesn't say it's for all units. Most of the time it either says 'your troops' or just says 'increases power of random unit'. Since this wonder specifically says ALL units I'd like to know if it's for my troops only, or if the enemy benefits from my wonder too.
  12. Lord Jirre

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 1.13

    The Heroes' Forge will produce Orcs every 24 hours, and will give a strength boost to all Heavy Melee Units in Battle So also enemy Heavy Melee Units?
  13. Lord Jirre

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 1.11

    Abyss is indeed pretty great. It's a residence on steroids. Thing is, you can't decide to upgrade Abyss instead of residences, since Abyss needs KP, which, right now, is needed in your research tree. It's easier to upgrade your residences instead. If you're stuck at the end of research...
  14. Lord Jirre

    [Discussion] Release Notes 1.10 & Orcs and Goblins have been spotted in Elvenar!

    ...You can say that about practically anything. That's a pretty bad argument.
  15. Lord Jirre

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 1.11

    *prepares for heated discussions about Ancient Wonders being mandatory research*