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Recent content by Lelanya

  1. Lelanya

    Poll [FA] Lock in Fellowship Advetnures waypoint

    This issue is wildly relevant in terms of making good use of statues. Conqueror is a fantastic strategist and it sounds like Elvenar's developers are taking this issue seriously.
  2. Lelanya

    Movie Quote Of The Moment

    "I'm incendiary too, man!"
  3. Lelanya

    Movie Quote Of The Moment

    The Lost Boys :)
  4. Lelanya

    Mysterious addition/leak in Main Hall?

    I do agree here. I do not think I have seen any undiscovered neighbors' trades in quite a while. Perhaps we need 2 traders, one for regular goods and another for sentients. Both buildings could be small, to take up the same space as a single one.
  5. Lelanya

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Of course, Inno always has FA after releasing a new guest race. They like to make sure the new features added haven't broken anything and FA is the best option for testing that.
  6. Lelanya

    New Game Features Adding a "Button tab" to help visitor to help player 's ancient wonder

    What about a shortcut to a nominated Wonder, like we have in another game; it could be embedded in the exchange mail
  7. Lelanya

    Poll [FA] Lock in Fellowship Advetnures waypoint

    I would like to see something along these lines, but would caution that it needs to limited to waypoints containing sensitive badges, like statues.
  8. Lelanya

    Fixed [29101]Forest Warden doing more damage than intended

    Right of course!! *head slap* Preparing for Samhain rites is way more important that fixing a major battle error, introduced weeks ago!! Funny tho, I've heard nothing about major psychic activity occurring in Hamburg just lately...
  9. Lelanya

    Discussion Forum update

    Welcome over to Beta @ Muf-Muf. I have to say it's not too bad on mobile but the desktop version is too small! Agree with the others about emojis too, blech!
  10. Lelanya

    Fixed [29101]Forest Warden doing more damage than intended

    Oh look the thread has been swept out of sight. Nice answer
  11. Lelanya

    Cannot reproduce Can't collect on a swipe for my winter set buildings

    Agreed. Yesterday in one city i had a building I couldn't pick up in Winter Carousel
  12. Lelanya

    Can not get into Elvenar Mon Oct 7

    Yes I have had this issue
  13. Lelanya

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    How would this allow new players to participate?
  14. Lelanya

    Not a Bug Road Requirements missing in AW info

    Thanks for reporting this Shadowblack. This situation was listed in Questions section by a fairly new player who mistakenly placed a Monastery in a new expansion and had no recourse but to sell it and lose the rune wheel :(
  15. Lelanya

    Pet Food reduced to 0 ??

    Oh honey Marindor wrote "Lowered the pet recipes available by 1/3". Be patient, there are more pets coming, there must be a plan for pet food, otherwise what is the point?