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Recent content by lehayes

  1. lehayes

    Message/Mail Bug Adjustment

    When posting the initial message in the mail system, the content of the post gets cut off near the bottom. FIX: add a blank line followed by a period on the following line and your content
  2. lehayes

    Not a Bug Town movement job doesn't move towns more to the center of the world

    Sure sounds like a programming bug while it isn't a game functionality bug. It is similar to the Session timed out Bug I just posted. Sorry for the confusion, @Marindor Can you please clarify the difference?
  3. lehayes

    Incomplete Session Timed Out!

    I now, thanks to advancement make 3 Hr runs. Every time I go to that window and tab, I get the error SESSION TIMED OUT. I expect to go to my Elvenar Window and start reloading production as soon as my timer goes off. Not add another 5-10 min lag depending on the internet/router screwing up...
  4. lehayes

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.93

    What do I think? No NEW features, No attention to push accounts the game app created, all you did was fix what should have been fixed before release. Bully for you.
  5. lehayes

    PTBs - Are you planning to ever fix the App?

    If you apply Rule 7 to every player, every player is pushing all app-only players until they (app only players) can spend KP on other players.
  6. lehayes

    Discussion Dr. Freakenspleen

    I don't know, is Dr F'nSpleen The Holloween Quest? If so, not so much. Buy 13 KP not connected. Bought 7, none registered in quest. Also, any spire past 1st 3 you can keep, Why? They require diamonds, thieves.
  7. lehayes

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    double 0 is still 0
  8. lehayes

    Question about pushing

    I previously reposted the rule above, Pushing: Creating an imbalance in anything including KP. If you apply that rule only to inactive (no growth) accounts then it's bot a rule. Apply the rules to everyone. But what happened? Inno hides the fact that players are App-only players causing...
  9. lehayes

    Not a Bug Unable to put up trades by typing in amounts

    Can you delete the thread?
  10. lehayes

    Actiive Players Only

    Which fellowship?
  11. lehayes

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    I wasn't being constructive, this is a discussion post on a forum meant to improve Elvenar for everyone; so, I apologize to everyone for my out-burst of feelings regarding the Spire. . So, let me see if I can be constructive on the subject. First time I encountered the spire, spending goods to...
  12. lehayes

    Question about pushing

    §7 Pushing • Operating a “push-account” is forbidden. This is defined as unbalanced routine resource (resources, Knowledge Points etc.) transfers from one account to the next even if involved accounts do not belong to the same player. It is forbidden to create trades in any form (goods...
  13. lehayes

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    What happened to Sack of coins, Wonder Society? if the awesome window is all but a few badges, maybe edit it but NEVER get rid of it, Pleeeeease! I've read that some players think monthly is too often. . While I disagree, I think events/games, tourneys, and FA could be run consecutively rather...
  14. lehayes

    Fair Trades: Are they really?

    Hi SoggyShorts, I've started to come around to your way of thinking. . Understand, I still think you're conclusions are off; but, that's another discussion. From my experience, and your math supports it, the problem is the 4/4/4 ratio. . When I first stared, I was told that I needed 4 T1 / 4 T2...