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Recent content by LayDHawk2

  1. LayDHawk2

    Fixed [34638] Game is not loading properly

    back in... THANK YOU! :):):):)
  2. LayDHawk2

    Fixed [34638] Game is not loading properly

    my screen is the same as shots from above.... currently using chrome. mobile app is still working
  3. LayDHawk2

    Discussion Winter Magic - The Snow Owl Express

    why provide feedback???? You dont actually do anything about it so what's the point??? I thought this event would be better than that HORRID fall eventm but alas, you still dont get it :mad:
  4. LayDHawk2

    Fixed [34242] FA - the pit(hole) will not open

    not sure what the heck the "lack of support, support department" is doing! its pretty pathetic that I cant use my mobile app to access the PIT ! typical for the nonsense that INNO has done for the changes. some are good and most break the crap outta game play. I stopped playing another one...
  5. LayDHawk2

    Fixed [33442] Barracks units blinking and wrong timers

    :D THANK YOU ! ALL IS AS IT SHOULD BE! now make it go live, please!
  6. LayDHawk2

    Confirmed [33443] Mobile - Barracks and Training Grounds Not Completing Productions

    mobile app and pc version is not working for collection for the barracks
  7. LayDHawk2

    Not a Bug Barracks and Training grounds can be filled simultaneously

    OK! my barracks is still flashing dancing blinking and nothing is ready for collection in the barracks only.... the other two are:) working great!
  8. LayDHawk2

    Fixed [33442] Barracks units blinking and wrong timers

    oh good its not just me! YAY ???? ;)
  9. LayDHawk2

    Incomplete provinces to clear

    no idea, but thank you for your input. :)
  10. LayDHawk2

    Incomplete provinces to clear

    after completing/clearing a province the text read clear 17 provinces for your next expansion???? a bug? not a bug? please help
  11. LayDHawk2

    Feeding / Pet Food

    with the new blue bird of happiness and at least two birds that I would like to feed, there really isnt enough pet food coming up in the academy. Are you working on that or do you still think we will spend 50 diamonds to see the next batch of things that aren't pet food?
  12. LayDHawk2

    Discussion Gathering of the Phoenix Cults

    :mad: ticked off as usual with not enough quest line to continue, just like last year. Now we get to wait another year so you can change it again and get nothing in the mean time to complete a fully evolved special BLUE DUCK. geez you guys, what are you thinking? on a positive note the...
  13. LayDHawk2

    July 9th Connection Errors

    :) you might want to let support know that deleting the app and downloading the app didn't work. third time of deleting and downloading finally worked! :) happiness and sunshine
  14. LayDHawk2

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    I just keep clicking and checking in to see what has been updated or not... same with depletion of troops just in time for a tourney that I will now be short on troops for! annoying, really. And I stopped playing FoE ! a while ago, for the same reason! Now I'm just wondering why I started...
  15. LayDHawk2

    Fixed [26647] Wrong background images

    high quality, low quality didnt make a difference for me... think I'll just wait some more