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Recent content by King Luckybaby

  1. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    I have a new to an old recipe in my MA For 2 new - 1 old
  2. Discussion Chapter 16: Embassies

    Of course ! I was blinded by the morning sun :cool: If I go to Senate - I see the benefits ....... draft laws ;)
  3. Discussion Chapter 16: Embassies

    Thank you Yes - I also think Senate It is the only possibility :cool:
  4. Discussion Chapter 16: Embassies

    I am still a little tired .... :cool: but ... what are draft laws and where do I get them from ?
  5. City 2nd tier good+1 from spire set instead of scrolls only

    The problem is in every world Nobody needs scrolls Why not change the goods of the Moonstone Libraries and Endless Scrolls We win a moonstone library or Endless Scrolls that produces crystals - the next time - one that produces silk ......... Then - we can react well to the market situation We...
  6. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Universal artifacts or only: artifacts Possible for all Evolotions buildings I have made the suggestion very often Not only here Why shouldn't they exist? Why is INNO against it? We all would only have advantages
  7. Duplicate Fellowship adventure and Universal artifacts

    But is this idea really bad ? I play every day a lot My event-buildings are on 10 Many players work Do not have so much time They never have the opportunity to get their buildings to 10 Every event - always - only a "half building" I would not be happy about that But okay - it's only my opinion
  8. Duplicate Fellowship adventure and Universal artifacts

    Hello forum I got the following message today: I have the offer "Storm Phoenix" in the Magic Academy Are there any suitable artifacts to expand ? Because - without artifacts, the part is relatively pointless My answer: It should be possible in future fellowship adventures that you can get...
  9. Duplicate Fellowship Adventure - Universal Artifacts

    Hello forum Is this idea new or old ? I dont know ! I wish for upcoming Fellowship Adventures Universal artifacts We could use them for ALL old buildings or we could collect them for future buildings Many greetings King Luckybaby
  10. [Battle] New Set-Buildings ?

    First ... A big thank you to the development team !!! Great job !!! :):):) With the brown bear we have a building now, that produces warriors, usually we get them very late! The second effect - excellent !!! With Supply Windfall and Time Boosters - we can create many warriors in a short time...
  11. Discussion Spire of Eternity

    I like the spire Not every week - but sometimes And - YES - it is possible and works very good In my city - there are no workshops - no residences some manufactories I only play with culture buildings with supplies - coins - goods - warrieres I have a high culture bonus without residences...
  12. Event Prize Discussion

    Example: Venar's rock III Level 5 5x4 People: 850 Culture: 850 Crab Hotel Deluxe Level 5 5x4 People: 730 Culture: 620 Normally - I would delete the old one and built the new one ! But - The crab hotel deluxe is not better :-(
  13. Event Prize Discussion

    The problem is .... I always want to replace old bad event buildings But .... I compare ! Old culture prices are better than the new - really beautiful prices from the current event !
  14. [Battle] New Set-Buildings ?

    Warriors and Traders have some wonders What for buildings does the fighter have ? 2 - Vallorian and Orks What else does the fighter have ? 3 different supporters - who are active for 5 days What does the trader have ? A lot of set-buildings Produce a lot of ALL goods ALWAYS !!! My problem -...
  15. Battle New "selection-window" for the tournment and battles

    In the German forum is a poll There are 158 votes for YES 1 vote for NO <--- crazy gamer :):):)