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Recent content by Kersepitje

  1. Kersepitje

    Incomplete Winter magic flowers instead of locks

    please fill in the bug template so we have all the information we need to investigate your report. For now we can only guess but i think you don't have the lastest version on your device please see the announcement: you need version 1.117 on mobile devices
  2. Kersepitje

    Confirmed [34359] Winter magic - AWKP counted double

    confirmed, spending kp counts double
  3. Kersepitje

    Fixed [34363] Winter magic - owl shows wrong progress

    It seems to work fine on html5 and flash for me... Maybe im too slow in collecting gifts or you too fast? Ill try to let a fellow QA mod reproduce this.
  4. Kersepitje

    Not a Bug Winter Event Icon not showing

    please see the announcement: you need version 1.117 on mobile devices
  5. Kersepitje

    Fixed [34357] Winter magic - no preview of prizes after you open all 16 boxes

    Confirmed. You don't get a preview of the boxes that way
  6. Kersepitje

    Confirmed [34356] Mobile - "Find Members" app feature - names wrongly sorted

    I can confirm this behavior? But I don't know if you can call this a bug, just because its no what you originally expected. So i think its rather feedback. I'll confirm it and let Marindor decide if he'll handle this as feedback or as a bug. (FYI, the current situation is ascending and you'd...
  7. Kersepitje

    Not a Bug No game board for the winter event

    please see the announcement: you need version 1.117 on mobile devices
  8. Kersepitje

    Not a Bug Ice Cream Cone Farm stats

    I see no reason to consider this a bug. Maybe you can give this as feedback (that you find it strange) in the feedback threads?
  9. Kersepitje

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Possibly ;) Don't worry when a Fellowship Adventure arrives we will announce it ahead of time to be sure you get the chance to be in the correct Fellowship before it starts. On the other hand we don't want to announce it too far ahead to prevent too many players overpreparing for it.
  10. Kersepitje

    Confirmed [33933] Wrong event banner images

    So maybe I'm just blind, im not seeing what is wrong, in your movie i see how it works for me, but i dont see the bug. It keeps going to lighted with mouse over, to unlighted when out, even after the dragging? Anyway I'm just gonna confirm it since you guys see it, and the movie and...
  11. Kersepitje

    Confirmed [33933] Wrong event banner images

    Is it possible to make a screenshot/movie of this? I cannot reproduce it, not on chrome and not on firefox
  12. Kersepitje

    Confirmed [33932] Entering spire triggers world map sounds

    its true, the spire now plays world map sounds while it doesn't on live. So confirming this change, I'm not 100% sure if this is a bug or an intended change tho. We'll see :)
  13. Kersepitje

    Fixed [33838] Tooltip for troops being trained is broken

    I could not reproduce this, but a fellow QA mod could, so I'm gonna confirm this for him.
  14. Kersepitje

    Cannot reproduce Misty Forest: Magical Lights suddenly at 0?

    could you please contact support. So they can see where/how/when you spent your candles.