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Recent content by jps54

  1. jps54

    Quests Bring back more flexible guest race quests

    One word....'Busted' lmao..;)
  2. jps54

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.54

    Rebalancing sucks, we lose and can't complain about it, without fear of reprisal. So Quit with the rebalancing
  3. jps54

    Discussion Elementals

    I don't use the fast method cost alot more
  4. jps54

    Discussion Elementals

    I am just doing the Manifestation to lvl 3 upgrade myself. @WolfSinger last 5 techs essence load 12,500 essence + 3000 for AW research
  5. jps54

    Discussion Elementals

    Quit talking about me @SoggyShorts ..;) Yes i fit that situation I know your talking about the vast number of people in this situation. So thanks.,
  6. jps54

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.51

    One quick question, when do you foresee that the city grid will expand? I am +6 expansions on a max size city on live. Your answer will determine just how long I play.
  7. jps54

    Not a Bug donating coins to a mainhall under construction

    I found that 13 people had polishes my lvl 28 Main Hall being upgraded to 29, And I was present when it came out of upgrade, not one buff counted, there was 25,000k gold only. So if your going to let them buff it at least for us that are active please have it added to our Main Hall. Thanks.
  8. jps54

    Discussion The Phoenix Cult

    Argh when will the developer learn that set buildings suck...:mad: At least in this player mind...:D Marindor please stop them from doing these set buildings I sure as heck don't have room for a set-building cluster on live where chapter 12 takes up so much guess race space.
  9. jps54

    Discussion Elementals

    MtHall has never affected settlement goods Mine is still a baby one but this will show you some data on it.
  10. jps54

    Discussion Elementals

    FS Adventure have sucked so long, I am not really interested in this horse manure,. they would need a major revamp to get me too do them
  11. jps54

    Discussion Elementals

    Point taken Soggy, but I hadn't seen the update to Elvernar Architect till today
  12. jps54

    Discussion Elementals

    I sure hope Magic Residences and Workshops will still be upgradeable in E#lementals
  13. jps54

    Discussion Elementals

    Ouch..... Why they a have Armory upgrades but not a Barracks upgrade is just stange.
  14. jps54

    Discussion Elementals

    I know I starting to dread SS upgrades my squad size is 2346 now, and with no upgrade to the barracks training will be slower and slower.
  15. jps54

    Discussion Elementals

    I do not like the way that Marble is going to require alot more relics from me, I use them in spells all the time, Making the total as my 2nd Tier 4 boost is just not good game mechanics in my opinion. @SoggyShorts I like where he's trying to go with that. A lack of Barracks upgrade and 4...