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Recent content by John-Fr

  1. Discussion May Celebrations

    Not fair this recurring quest event "6 encounters + 20 vision vapor" the small and new players are excluded by quests reserved for the oldest and most advanced players! Inno games should review its policy on equal opportunities for all players!
  2. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    but 3 times in a row the same quest gain 4 vision vapor, it's big no matter what
  3. Contact(ed) support The new event Autumn Zodiac...

    I launched the production of masks (9h) 3 times out of 4 factories level 9 and 2 level 8 what did you have to answer? ;)
  4. Contact(ed) support The new event Autumn Zodiac...

    Hello, Produce Warrior Masks (9 hour Steel productions) from current or previous chapter... have already started the production of masks (9h) 2 times on level 9 factories and nothing has been taken into account. Cordially
  5. Event Autumn Zodiac

    Ok, thanks
  6. Event Autumn Zodiac

    The new event Autumn Zodiac. I can't solve this question " Produce warrior masks 3 times with a manufactory from your previous or current version". Chapter 5, 4 Steel manufactory level 9 + 2 level 8 I am blocked... Who can give me a support, please.
  7. Fixed [28376] No medals can be acquired by players who participated in the challenge last week

    harvest is not counted, i have collect some goods and still 0
  8. New Fellowship Adventures...

    very good your totally new quest system for the Fellowship Adventures! i like much :)