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Recent content by Jian

  1. FS levels

    FS level - what is that?
  2. Scandinavian team looking for new members

    We are members from Sweden, Denmark and England. We are a young team, curious about the new things Welcome to BetasLejon
  3. BetasLejon Recruiting (svenskt)

    Just to see the new things. Join directly De flesta är från Sverige
  4. Mission completed - or not?

    Aha! 48 h production
  5. Mission completed - or not?

    I've done the research and built the statue, but I can't continue
  6. Duplicate Something is wrong

    and there is no chat-ikon
  7. BetasLejon Recruting

    Swedish Fellowship. Just join and be welcome :)
  8. Discussion Winter Magic - The Snow Owl Express

    In one of the missions it´s possible only to count from The Spire or Encounters. My suggestion is that it should be possible to count from the Turnament too. It´s so hard for us smaller players to reach it all without beeing able to count from turnament too. Love ewentprizes like Elvenade Brewery
  9. 2 spots left for steel boosted players

    Still looking for new members? Jian - steel, scrolls, elixir