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Recent content by Hoshi

  1. Hoshi

    Cannot reproduce Quest "Good Supplies" completes with upgrading to lvl 9 also (instead of lvl 11)

    This seems to be a coincidence. We were not able to reproduce this issue so far.
  2. Hoshi

    Fixed [9738] no reward after completing an encounter

    Thanks for reporting. We were able to reproduce this issue. https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/relics-upgrade-confirmation-window-missing.5039/
  3. Hoshi

    Cannot reproduce No Fellowship chat possible (out-of-order)

    Anyone else also having this issue?
  4. Hoshi

    Duplicate Relics upgrade confirmation window missing

    This seems to be the duplicate of this issue.
  5. Hoshi

    Not a Bug Quest: Honour the Treants

    The quest is about Ancient Runes, not Ancient Wonders. It's a cultural building, researched at the end of chapter 2, just before Treants. It's not a bug.
  6. Hoshi

    Duplicate Grey button in tournament overview when using ► to go to next and ◄ to go back to previous page.

    It indeed is the duplicate of this issue. We reopened that report, since it still happens.
  7. Hoshi

    Fixed [9952] Visit this province button not working

    Reopening this as confirmed, since it still happens in the current beta build.
  8. Hoshi

    Cannot reproduce Module 20 breaks game load

    Is this issue also happening after a browser cache clearing?
  9. Hoshi

    Fixed [9418] In tournament 8 my armies all show >999

  10. Hoshi

    Duplicate Troops zero out when starting new tournament province

    Marking this as duplicate of this bug.
  11. Hoshi

    Not a Bug Internal error when accepting 'MORE TROOPS'

    It was indeed a bug, but the offer is not available anymore. Also it was fixed while the offer was still acceptable. Sorry for the inconvenience and the late reply. Marking this as 'Not a bug'
  12. Hoshi

    Not a Bug Offer gives an internal error

    It was indeed a bug, but the offer is over now. Also it was fixed then. Sorry for the late reply here. Closing it as 'not a bug'.
  13. Hoshi

    Fixed [9949] Traders: Demanded goods tooltip has red text in "Your (own) offers"

    Thank you for reporting. We're investigating this issue. We'll come back when we know more about this issue.
  14. Hoshi

    Not a Bug Cannot collect 2 lvl 19 elvs workshops

    Closing this thread as it's not a bug. Storage capacity was reached.
  15. Hoshi

    Cannot reproduce Increased production boost not displayed correctly until after reload.

    Is anyone else having this issue? We can't reproduce it so far...