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Recent content by Heymrdiedier

  1. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Winter Magic

    my first impressions, the amunt of ribbons you get from a quest doesnt seem to go up fast enough. at quest 10 im still only at 12 ribbons/quest? maybe its too soon to judge, but i dont think we will get enough ribbons. at this rate i think it might be hard to get 5000 ribbons without doing the...
  2. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Winter Magic

    isnt this perfect. You already have lvl 1 ws and manufactories up, to can just leave them there for the event. I like this :) better then getting the event as soon as i removed all lvl 1 and replaced it with decent buildings again
  3. Heymrdiedier

    Confirmed [29197] Incorrect connection check for Vault of Wisdom

    you guys are fantastic, you should both consider joining the elvenar team, im pretty sure there would be no bugs anymore ever. Since you find them all + all the details before it even hits beta :)
  4. Heymrdiedier

    Confirmed [29197] Incorrect connection check for Vault of Wisdom

    agreed, dont think that many players are in a vault setup yet, and even if they are im not sure they would consider deleting all the factories because they eventually would run out of resources to work with? And then again others skipped the whole vaults. So its important bug, but dont think it...
  5. Heymrdiedier

    Players dropping like flies?

    beta and dutch server feels normal aswell. People have been dropping their 2nd 3rd 4th, etc account tho. But honestly they only had those accounts because Elvenar is a waiting game and it gave them something to do. With current event rate theres almost always soemthing to do, so multiple...
  6. Heymrdiedier

    [Tournaments] Reduce Tournament encounters

    is this what you have in mind as a leaderboard? https://www.elvenstats.com/tournaments thats what i have been using to compare myself to other fellowships
  7. Heymrdiedier

    User Interface Easy changes in some places

    number 1 im not sure what you are asking there. The difficulty is already there by the color? number 4, you can see it in the details when you go to the upgrade tab. In my opinion theres no need to show this all the time. number 2 and 3 i like very much. I think its easier if they just enable...
  8. Heymrdiedier

    Fixed [29101]Forest Warden doing more damage than intended

    you could tell them to read the forums? expect the same as 9 weeks ago? since this bug was present there then aswell. No new units were added in silk provinces If it happens to be fixed, then expect it to be easier.
  9. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Forum update

    halloween skin? :-)
  10. Heymrdiedier

    New Game Features Compensation when bugs make it to live

    i remember getting compensations in the past. At least 1 magic residence everyone got for free after the event building rebalancing. Didnt we also get some unicorns at other occasions? (i personally dont like unicorns so i forget about those fast). On beta we got 10 free teleport spells. there...
  11. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    why is this different. You select a person born on day x (with probability p), compared to you select a quest (with probabailty q). p being 1/366 and q being 1/20. Its not about selecting people, its about selecting a birthday, the next person i select has again same chances of the birthday, so...
  12. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    i understood what you ment (or i think so, since i still think i know what you ment after reading your posts), but thats not how random really works. read up on this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birthday_problem if you pick 23 random people, the chance that 2 of them have the same birthday is...
  13. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    you should rephrase that: it seems that the spire isnt friendly for anyone who wants to advance in the city building aspect, since its using up too much resources you need for that. :)
  14. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    truely random means: if you have a 1/20 chanc to get a quest, then you again have a 1/20 chance to get the same quest again after you just got it, and again a 1/20 chance of getting it after getting it 2 times already. Thats exactly what you dont want. You want 1/20 chance to get it 1 time, then...
  15. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Dr. Freakenspleen

    Well i dont agree there, i managed to get 9 bears on beta, 9 bears on live main account, and 10 evolutions on a brand new server with a new account. Without spending a dime. Im very happy with the changes and i see the point in why they did them. On all 3 accounts ive gotten way more prizes then...