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Recent content by Heymrdiedier

  1. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Winter Magic

    Yes, its all your fault! I hate you! theres one thing i wonder tho, do you still enjoy the game now? honestly with only 3 bears i feel like its gotten too easy already and don't see much challenge in the game anymore, and thus making me loose interest. (well maybe thats mainly because...
  2. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.96

    while ofcourse i wouldnt mind an extra reward, i dont think its a good idea. The amount of spire points you can get is limited, so who gets prize nr1 then? the one who gets there fastest? that doesnt sound right to me. For me this is just a good way of seeing if a certain FS suits your...
  3. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Theres no point to keep suggestion it. Its never gonna happen (or at least not how most suggesters have it in mind) If there are universal artifacts, why would you bother doing an event, just do the first quest for the building and then get evolutions afterwards (or you might even have some...
  4. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Winter Magic

    i dont think theres a balance issue. those who won too many bears or too many phoenixes (dont know why these are not mentioned they are the same issue). will eventually just stop playing because those players will find the game boring after a while, if everything is too easy, and without...
  5. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    very true, sentient goods and seeds arent a problem at all for that account, its the hammers and the coins that are the main issue. I must say that many AW levels also means i probably need double as much sentient and seeds as you do. But accounts that havent reached the sentient chapters yet...
  6. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    impossible, the 4 next encounters before next gate, can ask more then my current max capacity of coins and hammers. And thats even without considering loosing at all :) And especially for sentient goods its hard. you might be saving up for a tech or and upgrade, and then spire asks for the stuff...
  7. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    what i really don't like about the spire is that i often have to give up on my negotiations because i ran out of coins/hammers or goods during the negotiations (basically because its way too expensive). And that while i have many coins or hammer spells, and lots of other supplies i could trade...
  8. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Winter Magic

    about these produce goods quests. Is it easier to use T1, T2 or T3 for that? Theoreticly T3 would be better since you need less room in your city for that production, but the quests asked more T3 then T1, which makes T1 better again? Anyone know?
  9. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Winter Magic

    isnt it also possible to get the same quest twice when you switch between the 'sections'? altho i assume the requirements are slightly different then aswell (slightly higher)
  10. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Chapter 15: The Elvenar

    i think the key word here is time boosts, not 1 T6 ;) with timeboosts you can just beat the decay
  11. Heymrdiedier

    Not a Bug Spire base missing snow

    i remember the same report from autumn. im pretty sure it will be not a bug again. (but maybe you'll get diamonds anyway) https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/spire-clashes-with-autumn-background.13620/#post-77437
  12. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Winter Magic

    nice try, but how about we keep our suggestions realistic. We all know this event is going through, even if we dont like it. I also give lots of suggestions i know that arent going to happen: for example give beta players free troops/diamonds each week so they can test stuff.
  13. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Winter Magic

    If i look at last years winterevent (on elvengems), there we were able to get 4300 ribbons from quests. Take some ribbons around your map and i think you should end up with 5000 -5500 ribbons. So im assuming we should be able to get about the same amount from the not endlesspart aswell. If that...
  14. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Winter Magic

    i also have trouble with the fact that scout or reseach is added once again without an alternative (see many post earlier). Buying kp i personally don't see as a problem yet. You can get that kp from money or goods, so lots of ways. However, produce or buy kp would be a better alternative to me...
  15. Heymrdiedier

    Not a Bug You no longer receive messages after tread message deletion

    i agree with Karvest (and original reporter). If you delete the mail, you should not longer be in the recipient list, so others at least notice you are not getting the mail aynomore. Or is that against privacy rules?