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Recent content by Heffernan

  1. Not a Bug The app crushes too often

    Just a thought… you seem to be using ios 15.1 did you update to that lately ? I’m using ios14.6 an no probs whatsoever ipad air 2.
  2. Sorceries (inventory)

    In inventory there’s a tab that i haven’t noticed before ”Sorceries” - ”this is where you store your sorceries that you can win in events or other occasions”. A new feature ? Or have I missed some announcement ? What are those ? I noticed this in ipad, haven’t checked if it is visible other...
  3. How long is the "locked out" period for new fellowship members ?

    Yesterday there was some confusion in my fellowship as the game locked out a new member for a second week in a row out of the spire (it was quickly sorted by support). The info might be somewhere in some thread but anyway I'm asking here now. If a member joins a fellowship, monday for example...
  4. Discussion Misty Forest 2021

    I don't completely hate it, but... Same thing is happening to me as last year, i'm trying my "best", reached the one quest per day point etc, but just had a look and it seems i can at best get to level 6 in event. And "if" they have two more in adventure then level 8, exactly as my witches hut...
  5. Fixed [38007]server error on NH

    still getting the error notification and the game reboots when trying to give nh from map. android app.
  6. Discussion Misty Forest 2021

    very early on there is a point where the only gap seems to be in unexpected direction, upper right corner. the advice given elsewhere was to use flash flask which lights the squares on the other side of the blockade. worked for me.
  7. Halloween event

    Ok, tried - it offers me a Pumpkin Patch. So, hover is useless info.
  8. Halloween event

    I don't know anything just want to point out to anyone who's curious that when you enter the re-roll screen and hover mouse over the dice icon it seems to tell you what's on offer - in my case random rune shard.
  9. Fixed [38001] Way blocked in misty forest, no chance to continue

    Which one is the explosive one ? haven’t used or bought anything yet, but none of the descriptions of lightsources mentions explosion
  10. Halloween event

    amongst the royal prizes there is a chemical bottle kinda thing that can be used in the spire. What is that ?
  11. Discussion New Feature - Fellowship Progression

    i think when it comes to resetting it's the "gain your points back" part that's gonna cost you. and who's diamonds... well, there isn't a fs bank so...
  12. Discussion New Feature - Fellowship Progression

    i think when it comes to resetting with diamonds it's the gain your points back parts that's is gonna cost you
  13. It's just too much

    Some years ago it was said that events are the cash cow of Inno. Later (last year maybe) it was said that the FA is the cash cow now. Anyway what do you think of the chances of having fewer of (whichever the cash cow is now) those is ?
  14. Discussion Autumn Zodiac 2021

    Ok, fair enough - i did that in my baby acc which is in woodelves, could be a different story with Heff acc (don't have a relic option in academy now).
  15. Discussion Autumn Zodiac 2021

    Inconvenient… unimaginative… yes showstopper… no i just do what i did yesterday and bake most of them in academy. Inconvenience for bigger players comes ofc from having to do something else that they would normally have done in academy. for some players this could be real trouble but then...