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Recent content by Heffernan

  1. Heffernan

    Fixed [41127] Game not loading ap version

    same here, both android and ios versions. gets stuck 2/16. wont let you go to other servers - even after reboot tries to load the beta version again. i also tried deleting and re-installing. started after todays update a couple hrs ago.
  2. Heffernan

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    I think what most players are really peeved about is that all the changes made messes with their pre-made charts and time tables (1st map, all routes done in so and so many hours) and what the fa really is to them - race to #1 spot or top 10. Only variable they would allow is the attendance of...
  3. Heffernan

    Beta server is in trouble

    a friend of mine described beta server as a train stop server - next stop beta, 10 minutes. he was referring to players who have several accounts live servers. he has in maybe two and a half years been in a few fellowships and in his oppinion that is quite widespread, many just don’t play beta...
  4. Heffernan

    Fixed [40478] Player missing on Neighbors list

    this has been marked as ”fixed” but i still have it. today, just as in earlier occasions, i went through all my neighbours using the map not a list. i think i had five neighbours giving me ”haven’t found yet” notification, three of those in the middle of map and have been there for a while...
  5. Heffernan

    Fixed [40478] Player missing on Neighbors list

    i have had similar messages using android app, but not the whole map, for a couple of days now. three or four neighbours have the help icon showing as nh available, but clicking the hand triggers the message. next day same situation but different players. haven't tried today.
  6. Heffernan

    Discussion A Gateway into the Past

    in the announcement it says that you can finish the storyline quests straight away, after that you get one new quest per day. so, the faster you finish the storyline the more extra quests you get. did i get it right ?
  7. Heffernan

    (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    So what do we know about the Cauldron ? Is it a fellowship feature ? ...or a single player feature ? When academy was introduced many ppl just cursed it because of the space it took. It took years before ppl embraced it, I don't know how I would manage without it now, but it took time. Good...
  8. Heffernan

    A new event - no Fellowship Adventure ?

    i was wondering the same - maybe back to back events and then a fa is the new normal.
  9. Heffernan

    Cannot reproduce internal error while checking messages or notification

    i’m using ipad app version and when trying to check notifications i get ”something went wrong” and then the game reboots.
  10. Heffernan

    Server(s) down

    Same here, first claimed no internet connection (which that device sure had) and now it doesn't even recognize playernames. But good to see it's not just me.
  11. Heffernan

    Discussion New Spire of Eternity rewards!

    i don't have a clue how "the system" works but i've seen the moon bear base a lot. somebody suggested earlier that one way of having options appear is to craft a base whenever you see it whether you need it or not. that way those crafted are out of circulation. if you can afford that strategy.
  12. Heffernan

    Discussion Dawn of the Phoenix

    is the option to craft two event phoenix artifacts to original phoenix artifact fixed ? if i understood correctly there is such an option, but it was broken. was the option called tome or somesuch. i haven't seen it, maybe i am just unlucky, but haven't seen an option to craft original phoenix...
  13. Heffernan

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    adventures are shorter than events, but adventures (if you really take part seriously) can be really really intense. maybe it's just me but i'm not overly disappointed not having adventure right now.
  14. Heffernan

    Spire fellowship rewards

    So the real advantage of a perk is for those who have climbed higher than the purple bar reaches ?
  15. Heffernan

    Spire fellowship rewards

    We now have perks for Spire which can be used to reach the next waypoint for the fellowship (or somesuch) and get better rewards, but when the Spire ends how does it actually work for individual fellowship member ? How it is decided what you get ? I mean in tournament you make small...