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Recent content by guivou

  1. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    it remains more than 7 days .... no error in announcement
  2. Discussion Season of Dreams

    need luck tomorow with the 4 daily quests to get the remaining 20 points for 53 reward and liitle bit dispointed by last reward 7 ancien knowledge or 10% PP is not much
  3. Discussion The Cauldron

    definitely a big failure , 2 weeks in a row with 47% of luck x max goblet , no effect at all
  4. Discussion Secrets of Alchemy

    impossible to get event quest with android .... after launching game on pc it's ok on android ....
  5. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    the map type h is more difficult than previous one , even if the goal is to do one path per map with the difficult beginning we have not enough statues and bs for blue path on map 3 and with difficulties with coin not enough coin for orange path ...
  6. Discussion Season of Dreams

    on monday , as daily quest , to get relics is not the easiest (but doable with magic academy for ex )
  7. Discussion The Cauldron

    new week not too bad with luck , one potion is near maximum possible , but the other tries were not good
  8. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    The Coin Sack badge quest is a bit easier now (the coin number is reduced by 17% in fact increase of 25 % worse and worse ....
  9. Fixed [42749] FA Increased coin value while it should be less

    for city level 6 , last time it was 1344k ==> + 25% increase also
  10. Fixed wrong collect in FA

    my main target in the game on live server is to improve my city for the next fa , if not solved for live , no interest to continue on this game (for this FA on beta , it's ruined , better to stop and restart beginnig of next year or cancel it )
  11. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    i can't understand that kind of things , either it's wanted and so we must find another game with such poor designer (rolling back on a changed well appreciate by every one ) , or unwanted but in that case the developpers are very poor (roll back on a change several month ago , it's very...
  12. Discussion The Cauldron

    i have prepared to rise that specific effect for today's FA , and with the big fail of single collection, it was absolutely for nothing 1 bracelets bagde only collected , i am disgusted ...
  13. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    the biggest fail , i have even seen in this game ... all badge lost , only 1 of each , 98 CC for 1 badge
  14. Fixed wrong collect in FA

    Game version: (right click ingame, click the version number to copy it, paste here. HTML5: Go to your ingame settings and you can copy it from the bottom of the window.) Game world: BETA Browser/IOS/Android + version: edge Operating System or Mobile Device: win 10 Screen resolution: Account...