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Recent content by Graine

  1. Graine

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Yes, that would work and yes, an OFF switch for unwanted events would be terrific
  2. Graine

    Elvarian Games

    I would have been perfectly happy with a simple advanced notice in 'announcements.'
  3. Graine

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    On the note of 'notices', I now have a rather large one with a huge padlock cluttering up my kingdom. :-(
  4. Graine

    Fixed [35713] Multiple factory production is not started using hotkey

    Loving the upgrade to resetting factory productions for same type and level. Totally awesome....thank you!
  5. Graine

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Residue badges are killin' me.... recipes require too many catalysts which interferes with my ability to create enchantments for witch hats. Recipes are either short of 9 or way over 9. So annoying. :-/
  6. Graine

    Haus of Templar

    Haus of Templar is looking for active players We are a good bunch of friendly players, although quiet. But we are always ready to answer questions or provide assistance. We currently manage an average of 7 tournament chests per week. Please contact GertSnor or Graine directly.
  7. Graine

    Discussion Winter Magic - The Snow Owl Express

    For me, there's just not enough variety in the quests and the rewards are .....well....you know :-/ So I'm quite bored doing the past couple of events. With all the fight/relic type quests, I feel like INNO is forcing players to clear more provinces. I can do the tournament stuff and I...
  8. Graine

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    During the tournament, I found I was able to make up to 3 different badges, and I had no issues with creating ghost badges throughout. I even ended up with a few leftover. We made it to the PIT with 6 mins to spare; and we managed to complete an extra chest during the tournament so not bad...
  9. Graine

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    I really NEED a Love button! for comments like this :-D
  10. Graine

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Where might I find the poll for the adjustment to bracelets? Update: Never mind, I've found the thread and see it's been cancelled.
  11. Graine

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    if only there was a 'love' emoji for this :)
  12. Graine

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Being a maniac for the FA, I thought I'd officially add my 2 cents worth: From what I have so far, there are some good changes and a few not so good changes and a couple of impossibilities. First off, thank you for the improvements on some of the badges. The ones that concern me the most are as...
  13. Graine

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    I simply used a translator.....so many in this game don't speak english and yet it is a very mixed community -- which is a good thing.
  14. Graine

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    I agree that the bracelets are too expensive. It will take me a full day or a full day and a half with enchantments to produce 1 bracelet....seriously? Some changes are good but some are impossible for many players. And as always, the rewards are just plain silly.
  15. Graine

    Looking for a new FS

    ************ Closed*************** I have made my choice, thank you to those who contacted me. Best wishes and happy gaming. G.