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Recent content by Freia

  1. Freia

    Other Special offers for diamonds.

    Sp they are withdrawing diamonds to be getting only with real money. Not good enough. You have so expensive game that diamonds are used very fast. What costs expansions if you buy them with diamonds, it depends on how many you have bought. What costs to Macig Castles update? 500 diamonds! What...
  2. Freia

    very angry

    No this too you did to me! My password with Sinya Arda / US server forum was NOT VALIS!!!!! DUE THAT THAT HAVE BEEN REGISTERED HERE, IT MIXED UP BOTH AND NOW... AFTER FAILING ATTEMPTS TO LOG IN IN US FORUMS - YOU CLOSED THAT ACCOUNT FOR MANY FAIL TRIES TO GO THERE! I just yesterday thanked you...
  3. Freia

    hi all

    Nice to get know you guys behind this game :) You must have very difficult sometimes to create tournaments, and like March of the Herbs, amd other stuff that you invent, has to be real hard work and I appriciate it that you care about your players so much that we have this Beta world to touch...
  4. Freia

    Other Special offers for diamonds.

    In Sinya Arda where I usually play, comes those special offers and like you, we have too that about expansions with diamonds. I also play US server. I haven't been "winning" any diamonds in any contests, but others have and that has really made me wonder why is that? Well here Finland that...
  5. Freia

    hi all

    I wanted just introduce myself to forum. Play name is Freia, and I started this beta few days ago. I am totally green here but I know that if there is problem I can contact to Elvenar team and thanks to all answerds you've been given to me after time I started to play Sinya Arda to right now. :)...
  6. Freia

    hi all

    My name is Freia. I came just few minutes ago to this forum, otherwise I am at the other forum because I play also Sinya Arda
  7. Freia

    Knightship of Carelians

    We have started to play here in beta few days ago, and same time my husband created fellowship called Knithgtship of Carelians. We are recruiting members, so if you are interested please contact us.