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Recent content by Esme

  1. Esme

    Discussion Proposed trading star rating changes

    I only do cross tier trades in an emergency, since I feel it hurts the health of the FS. If you are trading your boosted goods in cross trades, then it shorts the boosted same tier trades that an individual in the FS may need. I don’t care either way, change the ratio for those that want to...
  2. Esme

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    The fellowship I’m in like doing the FA. The current one is tough, and that is ok. What I would like to see as prizes, would be a blueprint or two and multiple artifacts. The players enthusiasm, is what keeps the game a success. When you do not offer good enough prizes for the amount of...
  3. Esme

    FAnatics are growing daily

    Update. We placed 11th in the Nov FA. Really need players boosted in either Silk or Gems.
  4. Esme

    Fixed [29215] FA - mobile app - inventory button broken after viewing FA map

    On my iPad version 13.1.3. My inventory button is not working in any circumstances.
  5. Esme

    FAnatics are growing daily

    We have been recruiting and are now 10 strong, please consider joining our friendly and enthusiastic group. Together we can do this. We have need of steel, silk and gems. Looking for players that visit several times a week. We are working on growing a strong group to share fun and prizes in...
  6. Esme

    Still seeking members

    So excited, we picked up another new member. Of course we still have a lot of room for anyone that wants to help grow a Fellowship to great heights!
  7. Esme

    Looking for active group

    Well thank you Vicki, but I’m not planning on going anywhere soon since we are growing our group as well. But thanks anyway, and if you or any of your members are looking to move FAnatics would welcome you with open arms.
  8. Esme

    Still seeking members

    Hey we picked up 2 more experienced players, growing and going strong. Come join our friendly and enthusiastic group.
  9. Esme

    Still seeking members

    FAnatics an eager friendly fellowship is seeking active members, boosted in the following: Steel Scrolls Silk Gems Our requirements. We need you to be boosted in at least one of the above goods. Play minimum of 4 days per week, participate in any FA's and help out in Tournaments. We are a...
  10. Esme

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    I like the graphics of this event. It is so much better and sophisticated than the stupid dancing hoochie momma moves of the mermaid event. Lovely. As a newer city in Beta (Chap 4) I definitely appreciate the Tier 2 goods of the Panda. I spent diamonds at the beginning of this event since I...
  11. Esme

    Looking for active group

    Greetings, I have been working on my city here for about 2 months. My goals, find a fellowship that actually are daily players, I have 3 cities in the US server under the name "Esmerelda the Wise", so you can see my history of playing. Anyway, I love tournaments, and FA's, so wanting to be...
  12. Esme

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    I completely enjoy the spire. My city is only in Chapter 4, so I am limited in resources but when I can, I work the spire. I have not run into any major technical problems but I have not gone further than the 3rd door. My one complaint at this point, and this is a suggestion, since I believe...
  13. Esme

    Latest Challenge

    What challenge? I am on an iPad and have seen nothing.
  14. Esme

    Event Prize Discussion

    I agree with everyone else. I started Elvenar and in my first event I spent way too much on diamonds to achieve the spring festival event. It paid off big time since I was just beginning chapter IV. With each subsequent event I have spent less diamonds, less time and far less enthusiasm...
  15. Esme

    Which Chapter is required to do the Spire?

    Im slowly growing, and made it to the second chapter. At what stage do you get the opportunity to play in the Spire?