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Recent content by Enevhar Aldarion

  1. Winter event

    CCs count when the quest asks you to collect enchantments, but they do not count when it says to use enchantments.
  2. Winter event

    No, they are not impossible. I started my Beta city on the 4th or 5th day of the Air Trader event, back at the beginning of June, and I have completed every single quest in every event since then, including the Air Trader, when my city was still in the first few chapters. And my city is now...
  3. Winter event

    I have to say that of all the free-to-play browser and mobile games I have played, this is the only one that has not had a daily log-in reward. A reward that slowly gets better as either the week or month progresses. A reward progression that only continues if you log in every single day. The...
  4. Upgrading Magic Buildings

    Go and look at the cost per chapter and decide that way. Also note that every upgrade is 300 diamonds or 1 blueprint, regardless of chapter: https://en.wiki.elvenar.com/index.php?title=Magic_Workshop
  5. Investigating [QA: AmySteele] Tourney not displaying properly only on first province

    An update on this. I just fought the 10 map encounters for the current quest and then went to do tournament provinces. The results window in the first fight, the 3rd star of the first tournament province, showed the results from the last map encounter, instead of the tournament results. This is...
  6. problems on chat

    Chat has always been buggy and messed up for a lot of people. Now that mobile players can receive messages, it is safer to send all important stuff by message and not chat.
  7. Fixed Here we go again - End Time Discrepancy

    Mine is showing correct time, but that may be because I had already finished 75 before this fix was done. So maybe anyone not already done with 75 did have theirs shifted too much.
  8. Discussion Winter Magic - The Snow Owl Express

    I am locked for today. I have to wait another 24 hours til I can do quest 76. So it looks like it is working correctly for me.
  9. Discussion Winter Magic - The Snow Owl Express

    No, read the announcement again: It says people who have reached the episodic quests, which is any quest after #62. It says nowhere this is only for people on #75.
  10. Discussion Winter Magic - The Snow Owl Express

    Also, read the announcement again. It says that anyone who has reached the one-per-day quests will get locked for an extra day, so that the numbers match at the end of the event, not that only the players on quest 75 will be locked. So anyone past quest 62 should have been either locked out last...
  11. Discussion Winter Magic - The Snow Owl Express

    I have 75 done and locked, waiting for 76, because I finished the quest before the fix was implemented.
  12. Not a Bug Where did quest 75 go

    I completed the quest just fine.
  13. Discussion Winter Magic - The Snow Owl Express

    Yes, you do. The Owl from this event is a pet that you can feed.
  14. User Interface Builder improvement

    The same code is already there to do the centering, because that is what the AW list does on browser. Open your AW tab from the bottom bar, click on an AW, and the city screen centers on that AW. So that at least, should be easy to add to the Builders Hut.
  15. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    On Live we have gone orange, orange, green, and we are only doing one path per stage for the chests. Plus, orange has been almost always the easiest path for the first two stages in every version of the FA.