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Recent content by enchantressa

  1. enchantressa

    Searching for brotherhood

    Hello Llyr! We are "Hawks Nest " in Beta. Our Archmage is Nighthawk1, and I am Enchantressa a Mage. We are looking for active players and especially players that can help us out in the Fellowship Adventures. We have a few Inactive players and need to get rid of them....go check us out and...
  2. enchantressa

    Fixed [23558] Unable to open Tournament via Tent

    still not working for me
  3. enchantressa

    Discussion Halloween Questline Event 2017

    All I can find thus far:...enjoy will be 8 more later...not giving them out very quick, but spoilers they are! Tressa
  4. enchantressa

    Missing chests

    Yes, all above Plus , don't forget to look up at the top of the mountain on the left above most MainHalls. It is propped in a position where you can see the chest, yet might miss it if not known to look up there after missing out on the chest itself. I've thought before, I didn't receive one...
  5. enchantressa

    Neighborly Help crashes game 2.15.17

    As I've seen below I guess everyone in Beta is having the same problem. Mine is only when there is nothing else to give help to, such as culture items have all been helped. Then it flashes the Internal Error message. I am just agreeing with this. And I've sent a ticket in today.15/02
  6. enchantressa

    New Dragon Quests suggestion

    This is a picture I found for a great Castle front.....
  7. enchantressa

    New Dragon Quests suggestion

    I may not be the only one but this game has always reminded me of Game of Thrones. My idea is simple. A new Quest maybe could be about another Castle on your village. The Dragon Castle, Dragonian, or something else. like we did in the Snow Flurry, we could have Dragon eggs to catch and...