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Recent content by Elrondriel

  1. Elrondriel

    Not a Bug [31321] Some buildings doesnt improve with next chapter

    HA ... LMAO ... I'm playing very casual and upgrading my old lovely event buildings now and then was in fact the one and only reason for still spending money on this game at all ...
  2. Elrondriel

    Chapter 15?

    Unless they are developing exclusively in HTML5 version or they totally changed the way of rolling out new content, it will probably be "delayed" a lot. I have not seen absolutely any slightest sign of the next chapter in the flash game files so far, which is extremely unusual compared to the...
  3. Elrondriel

    Discussion Summer Mermaids Event

    So true ! In fact, the questline story would have been the main and almost only reason why I would have played this event (at least to the point, when it usually repeats). In my opinion just another of several signs that the original spirit of Elvenar is getting lost and instead, pushing new...
  4. Elrondriel

    New appearance of the city

    Congrats for still messing up spire positioning ... :mad:
  5. Elrondriel

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    So, to get this straight: basically, the ONLY gameplay feature that is actually shown (although only as prototype) in the announcement video is diplomacy / negotiation but when Spire hits Beta, this is the one feature that is abolutely NOT working ??? Really ??? Adding this to the list of epic...
  6. Elrondriel

    Next chapter in 101 days?

    "New chapter" does not necessarily imply "new guest race" ... ;)
  7. Elrondriel

    Discussion Constructs

    Love this one. Although not 100% perfect in link bonus, I'm in favour of the geometrical shape and symmetry. I guess you mean "Top right and bottom left" ?
  8. Elrondriel

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.73

    Original source and link for reference ? o_O
  9. Elrondriel

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.73

    What makes you think that not all players have them in the crafting queue ??? o_Oo_Oo_O
  10. Elrondriel

    Discussion Royal Restoration Spell

    ... I really can't stop LMAO ... Just for the record: neither do I own any BP nor do I plan to gain any RR or BP in tournaments ever, so I'm personally totally unaffacted by all of this issue. At the time of Inno's first RR attempt I thought: "WOW, they managed it again to slap all long-time...
  11. Elrondriel

    What is it ?????

    Sooo ... what I understand is that "community" obviously translates into "priority on social mass media" in Inno's dictionary ... Any surprise ? Not really.
  12. Elrondriel

    Discussion Challenges

    Why not ? Many players use spells anyway and this will give them some bonus medals without additional effort ... ?
  13. Elrondriel

    Fixed [25084] Winter Ferris Wheel shows "old style" Supply Windfall icon

    Game version: v1.70-(206bee6) (2018-12-21 14:25) HTML5 Yes/No: no Game world: Beta ZZ1 Browser/IOS/Android + version: FireFox Quantum 64.0 Flash Player version: Operating System: Win7 (64bit) Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 Account name: Elrondriel Humans or Elves: Elves...
  14. Elrondriel

    Discussion Royal Restoration Spell

    Why would Level 1 Residences be counted in here ? Isn't the upgrade cost based on the upgrade level building ? Based on the latter assumption, the average tile size of all previous buildings applicable to BP use is 13.71 (which is "slightly above 13" in Innoworld and "slightly below 14"...
  15. Elrondriel

    Fixed [24715] Double-Day notification shows SunFlare

    Still buggy today ... :(