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Recent content by Eilin

  1. Discussion Release Notes version 1.109

    One player! Not some players. It was one player and he was not asking you to make a fuss about it here on beta ;)
  2. Discussion Chapter 16: Embassies

    Your family is NOT a reliable source in this case @Arthus ;)
  3. 'The Elvenar' academy menu

    Here You are :)
  4. Discussion May Celebrations

    Me too, after completing 40 tasks I have a counter to 2AM
  5. Discussion Elvarian Carnival

    In our Polish forum @Arthus, no one asked about chapter 16, you are confabulating again... In my two Fellowships I have many people who have finished chapter 15 (including me). Strangely, nobody left, interesting :) Maybe you should look for a better Fellowship instead of complaining? ;)
  6. Should phoenixes come back as they are or new should appear? Should set buildings return? (opinions)

    On beta, caused by an bug ;) On other servers we don't have such a case, fortunately :) :) :)
  7. Should phoenixes come back as they are or new should appear? Should set buildings return? (opinions)

    Could you tell us a secret please? On which server is someone who has TWO fire phoenixes ??
  8. Discussion Winter Magic

    All the best in your without-game-life @Arthus And Merry Christmas
  9. Polskie bractwo turniejowe >> IMPERIUM PL << szuka wsparcia :)

    30 listopada założyliśmy nasze polskie bractwo turniejowe >> IMPERIUM PL << Mieliśmy dość robienia turniejów za innych. Odeszliśmy zatem z naszego starego bractwa i staramy się zebrać ekipę, żeby robić razem 10 skrzynek co tydzień. Na razie idzie nam świetnie. Za nami dwa turnieje z wynikami 10...
  10. Cannot reproduce Can't log in

    The problem seems to be solved, I can log in :)
  11. Cannot reproduce Can't log in

    I have the same problem :(
  12. List of available shortcuts/hotkeys

    S - Main Hall - even during upgrading
  13. Question about pushing

    What did you not understand here?
  14. Fixed [27693] Can't load the Game...

    I can't log in to my big city, but my little city (chapter 2) is working normally. Maybe is it related to the spire...?
  15. Discussion The Amuni

    And what about the Training Grounds and Armory?