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  1. Darconath

    Other [Fellowship adventures] Update

    It is sad to see that 158 people have already read this thread and noone bothered to post a comment positive or even negative. My Fellowship tried to start a discussion about adventures but unfortunately it seems that there is noone really interested.
  2. Darconath

    Other [Fellowship adventures] Update

    [Fellowship adventures] Update Based on the conversations we have seen on the forum, we thought to suggest some changes in order for the fellowship adventures to become more interesting and attractive. The changes we suggest are the following : 1. Modify the way we put the emblems in the...
  3. Darconath

    Discussion The Queen of the Seas QLE

    After the phoenix event someone had the idea the top prize in the mini event on live servers to be a phoenix evolving artifact. It would be nice instead of wishing well to have a stonhenge artifact as second prize in the queen of the seas event on live servers.