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Recent content by CiraKelley

  1. CiraKelley

    Confirmed [29340] Problems around Tournament start and during Tournament

    I'm still getting Stream Errors while doing the tourney. Just tried clearing cache too.
  2. CiraKelley

    Cannot reproduce Can't log in

    Same. I can get in now but the connection icon keeps popping up. Lots of lag and the chat is on/off.
  3. CiraKelley

    Discussion Private Messages on Mobile

    Love, love, love this new feature!!! We've all been anxiously waiting for messages to come to the mobile app. It looks great and is working well for everyone in my fellowship. Yay!!! :D
  4. CiraKelley

    Discussion Forum update

    Me too! :)
  5. CiraKelley

    Cannot reproduce Mouse looks at city instead of collecting

    This happened to me today too, with Flash and Firefox.
  6. CiraKelley

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    Here’s some feedback from my fellowships whose members range from end of Constructs to beginning Chapters, both on Beta and those reading this Forum from the live worlds (not bashing feedback, more observations made by a couple hundred players who don’t want to post on the Forum due to criticism...
  7. CiraKelley

    Latest Challenge

    https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/challenge-banner-missing.13501/ :)
  8. CiraKelley

    Fixed [28084] Chat crashes when you claim event reward

    It happens randomly for me. I can be doing nothing at all in the game and then the chat window will go blank and the "connecting' screen shows up. Refreshing the page usually fixes it, temporarily. This started yesterday morning. We're using fellowship messages to communicate today.
  9. CiraKelley

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    I'm thrilled with the new badge screen/selection window! In the past, I wasn't interested in doing the majority of Adventure rounds we had, due to constantly having to decline badge quests. It was so straining on the wrists! ;) Now, I'll play these Adventures anytime! I don't really care much...
  10. CiraKelley

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    Marindor wrote (just yesterday) how they weren't rushing the Spire of Eternity. We haven't even tried the Diplomacy feature yet...so I doubt they'd send it to the live servers for a while yet. It's unfair to make fun of players who are complimenting the graphics of the Spire...in the Discussion...
  11. CiraKelley


    We're all very sorry to see you go, @SoggyShorts! I've been at this game almost 4 years (next month). I've taken a 3 month break at one point and even started over with the game at one point, after 2 years of playing. The thing that keeps me here is the gaming community. It really is a big...
  12. CiraKelley

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    Since this is in the beginning test phase, my feedback for the auto-fighting is that it is too difficult. Those who do not have Fighting Wonders, the Fire Phoenix and any other fighting building are not able to get very far, even in Phase 1. The troops cost needed against each Spirit is too...
  13. CiraKelley

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.79

    Yes! This is really my only major complaint about the game. I run a ton of fellowships and it's a daily frustration for all members to have to carefully search through the Trader so we don't accidentally accept those crazy cross trades that are mixed in with regular same-tier trades...those...
  14. CiraKelley

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.78

    It sounds like the extended quests were mainly for the live servers and a bonus for Beta players (note that the EN Forum did mention the extra quests yesterday morning). Most players on Beta won't be able to complete those quests with the time we have left...but again, since they don't need to...
  15. CiraKelley

    Fixed [26515] Game becomes slow/laggy after building any phoenix

    Turning my graphics down to low has really helped with the lag issue in my town. :)