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  1. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Confirmed [40925] In my Guild List the Numbering starts at two and end by 26

    it is not only your Fellowship were the members start at 2 and end at 26 or below, depending on the amount of members.
  2. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Not a Bug province expansion

    In the wiki you can read when you get a new expansion. https://en.wiki.elvenar.com/index.php?title=Expansions So you should get an expansion at 18, 23, 28, .... If you did not get the expansion, first look in to your builder menu -> Expansions to see when you should get the next one. That way...
  3. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Discussion We need your help: Name the ingredients!

    Not sure if these things could be something for the Cauldron, if so these names comes in to my mind: Death root Crushed beetle giant earwax Magnolia of life Egg gone bad hidden grub Fresh jellyfish Loud flower Eye bugs poison ivy leave cleansing cotton ball crushed kidney
  4. Bor de Wolf 1965

    New Game Features Tourney relics for fragments

    You need relics for getting your bonus production up to 700% (500 relics) You need relics for upgrading some wonders. You need relics for your magic academy so you can produce the enchantments / combining catalyst Not sure what the Cauldron would do and what it might need but for the moment, No...
  5. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Discussion Chapter 19 - Revenge of the Exile Discussion

    I know how you feel @Jaxom but I believe the developers at Inno wanted you to use the time boosters you collected from the tower. On my life account I finished ch19 in just 108 days with all the quests done and yes I used a lot of time boosters in the end. I also had my BTG at level 27. I do...
  6. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Confirmed [40920] Goldmines in neighbourhood list

    I still have a total of 4 goldmines on distance 12 that are in my world neighbour list. the goldmines on 10 don't show up on the list. I just made a new screenshot and put red arrows showing what goldmine is where in the list. The last goldmine on my list is just above the top goldmine with 2...
  7. Bor de Wolf 1965

    FS Listings

    the neighbours list players refer to is on the browser version of the game. You go to the world map, click on the "show province" icon and then select the last tab for all discovered neighbours + FS members. On an app version the world map would show you all neighbours and you had a fast way to...
  8. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Confirmed [40920] Goldmines in neighbourhood list

    This looks like an other bug but you want a separate bug report. Game version: v1.155-beta.13-(9f0e96e) - html5 (2022-06-23 18:54) Game world: Beta Browser/IOS/Android + version: Firefox 101.0.1 -64bit Operating System or Mobile Device: windows 10 Screen resolution: 1920x1200 Account name...
  9. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    It would have been nice to see a count down timer at the same time we got the message. That would help with starting the pre build and starting productions for this event. Now it feels like: we haven't anything ready for the players so shove this down their throat.
  10. Bor de Wolf 1965

    map zone without gamers

    The once that are not erased are players that log in and spent all their KP on a wonder of their main account. So are they active? yes and no at the same time. Yes for they log in and do something but NO for there is no progress at all. And I agree with you, when active players are moved away...
  11. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Not a Bug Spire layout not centered

    the indicator on the left top part of your screen shown only a relative position of the points your FS has between 2 doors. Looking at your screen @Alcaro , you have just filled up a level of the total progress indicator.
  12. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Discussion Lucky Little Fin

    The amount of T3 goods I keep getting from all the event buildings are getting a real problem. The players around me also have so many T3 goods they keep putting them up for trade and are requesting T1 goods in return. That is stupid in my eyes for if you put up T1->T1 you will get your trades...
  13. Bor de Wolf 1965

    FS Listings

    It would be nice to know in advance of these kind of changes. Now I can only consider it as a bug for it is not as it normally would be.
  14. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Discussion Lucky Little Fin

    Maybe 2x tier 3 factories would be enough but you would trade for the missing T3 goods. I don't have to trade for any T3 goods for I get enough of them from the event buildings. And that is what Bazel also means.
  15. Bor de Wolf 1965

    Discussion Lucky Little Fin

    Well, I would make that chapter 11 for you start producing T4 goods in chapter 12. And chapter 1-11 is a big part of the 19 chapters we have now. And @Bazel is right, I can do with only 2 T3 factories and what else I need from the tier 3 gods I get from other sources and that is not trading.