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Recent content by blackbudahflyb

  1. blackbudahflyb

    Fixed [TECH-5353] Airships event - no more crystals around the city

    Me too, checking throughout the day, on both laptop and android.
  2. blackbudahflyb

    User Interface Mark city as "Dead"

    I see "DEAD" cities on all 4 servers I play on. Recently they did a sweep of my neighbors on Elcysandir, clearing out cities and replacing with coins. But many cities with titles like "quit" 'abandoned" or "real life won" were still left there.
  3. blackbudahflyb

    Discussion Winter Magic

    EXACTLY!!! One of my all time favorite games shut down its servers due to this! Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided an MMORPG for PCs. It was released 2003, 3 expansions later it shut down, 2011. There were a few who LOUDLY and regularly complained about not being able to unlock a Jedi...
  4. blackbudahflyb

    Discussion Winter Magic

    Another amazing post that I would "LOVE" if I could instead of just "like". You are just pulling these things directly out of my thoughts! 1.) Easy FIX to the Bear situation...or any other future evolving buildings...1 set given, others sold via diamond purchase. Makes INNO money in the process...
  5. blackbudahflyb

    Discussion Winter Magic

    So the event is nearly half over and I only have 2 gingerbread artifacts. I have gained zero daily prizes, and only "fillers". As a person that plays several times every day, I am not thrilled. If I continue at this rate of pace then I will not even have the gingerbread mansion to a half way...
  6. blackbudahflyb

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    Hmm... I'm actually quite happy with this new feature in the Spire. I am looking forward to all the prizes...and I am so thankful my FS is active in the Spire! Its been a while since I was happy about any new thing or event in Elvenar. (I feel like I am being pranked) Please don't change it...