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Recent content by Biloutte91

  1. Biloutte91

    Discussion Lucky Little Fin

    Nope, no diam's. and no pet food.
  2. Biloutte91

    Discussion Release notes version 1.151

    Since one month (14 April) https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/release-notes-version-1-151.17661/post-107431
  3. Biloutte91

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    The Fellowships adventures have disappeared or it is me who am wrong?
  4. Biloutte91

    News in notifications

    This icon appears even if we have not yet arrived at chapter XVIII. could it not (as with the trader) appear only when one has reached the ascended goods? it does not appear on lower level traders.
  5. Biloutte91

    Duplicate Wrong icons at Notifications

    Yes, i hope the same thing that the trader... So why change something that has been working for months ?????
  6. Biloutte91

    News in notifications

    The same thing that the trader is not possible ?
  7. Biloutte91

    News in notifications

    OK I hadn't paid attention to this "hyde" actually, with hiding it's better ^^ but the icons are not the right ones
  8. Biloutte91

    News in notifications

    News in notifications but nothing is good
  9. Biloutte91

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.147

    i want (or i hope) a think like that
  10. Biloutte91

    Live version of update 1.147 includes changes to FA

    On the French lives the updates take place on Thursdays and 1.147 is not announced on the forum.
  11. Biloutte91

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    NO !!! a new évent.
  12. Biloutte91

    Discussion The Forbidden Ruins

    The "progress bar" was complete and I haven't made any encounters since this morning. I just had to do the two buildings level 5 and +