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Recent content by Arwen1963

  1. FAnatics for fantastic FA fun!

    FAnatics are a new, small fellowship in Beta with active and engaged players who like to have fun in all aspects of the game. We love Fellowship Adventures! Can't wait for the next one. We chat about the game and life, have active KP chains, participate in tourneys and make forays into the...
  2. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    This event is soo slow! I keep getting workshop quests that are 1 day or 9 hours. Leaves me not engaging! I agree with the above posters that the quest rotation system needs to be adjusted.
  3. Looking for active group

    Hi Esme, FAnatics are a new, small FS who love playing FA! I am personally a dedicated tourney player, and your goods are a good fit as we try to attain balance. We're pretty heavy in Marble and Crystal right now. Please apply to our AM SummerGabby if you are interested! Hope you'll join us...
  4. Fixed [27388] Sunflares and heigbourly help chests won't pick up

    I appear to be able to pick up sun flares, however 2 out of 3 help chests would not open for me today.