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Recent content by annandra

  1. Discussion Gathering of the Phoenix Cults

    I am very satisfied with the phoenix! I have been able to evolve it four times... thanks thanks!!
  2. Discussion Release Notes version 1.97

    finalmente!! very very good indeed, finally!!!
  3. User Interface Neighbours listed in table form

    I would like to use in beta new neighbourly help system !!! why not for me?
  4. Fixed [29507] Inconsistent information of building time for teleported buildings

    I can't see anymore the building teletrasported in the inventory
  5. Duplicate Error Msg: Cannot start the Battle with more units than you have available

    today in the Spire, yesterday in the tournament
  6. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    Autumn event.. a bit boring and repetitive.. three times only relics and then three times solve x tournening or province games..and so again.. in the end thankfully the brown bear works!
  7. Fixed [28402] Disappearing Buildings

    in my village they don't disappear but are colored flashes
  8. Discussion Summer Mermaids Event

    me too--- giant globe anche elegant furnaces a gogo
  9. What has inno done well and what has been a bomb?

    I do love new way of the Fellowship adventures.. much easier!!
  10. Duplicate Can't enter any tournament province

    turn off HTLM. now it works.
  11. Duplicate Can't enter any tournament province

    me neither. I can't enter tournament
  12. Discussion The Queen of the Seas QLE

    bravooo to the artists!! love seashell and palms and the tortugue :):)