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Recent content by Alcaro

  1. Alcaro

    Duplicate Complete Troops deleted

    All my Barracks troops were over 200 squads, only Sorceress were lower ... but god knows how many exactly I had. I wonder, after the bug it's killed, are we going to have the real numbers back?
  2. Alcaro

    Discussion Chapter 16: Embassies

    <The Tournament Arena grants 0.5 ranking points per level for each Chest reached by your Fellowship in the weekly Tournaments,> What is a level in this case? We are always getting 10 chests ... but levels?
  3. Alcaro

    Fixed [30807] Missing creatures on buildings

    same here - the Phoenix is hiding!
  4. Alcaro

    Cannot reproduce Can't log in to beta on browser

    now it becomes annoying :[
  5. Alcaro

    Cannot reproduce Can't log in to beta on browser

    it just happened again < This site can't be reached > I am trying to play the tourny, if has any relevance. edit - in en.1
  6. Alcaro

    Cannot reproduce Can't log in to beta on browser

    I have this problem also in En. servers. Suddenly the game freezes, then reboot by itself and I get a blank page with a message "this site can't be reached at this moment". After 2-3 minutes the page reboot itself again and the game is loading ... and all over again, now already 4 or 5 times in...
  7. Alcaro

    Not a Bug elvarian carnival issue

    I think not since exist a quest asking to trade with the Wholesaler.
  8. Alcaro

    Discussion Elvarian Carnival

    I have a quest asking for 16 relics. While during the tourny it's not a big deal, outside of it it means to complete 2 provinces. For a last ch. player that it's a lot of time. After I used all scouted provinces in the previous quest line (complete provinces, do X encounters etc) now I find...
  9. Alcaro

    Discussion Elvarian Carnival

    I was really happy to see the old type of event back but I am not so happy anymore. Having almost every second quest to complete a province or to upgrade a building to/over lvl.16 (without any other option) when I'm in the last chapter isn't something to make me happy. I have left only one...
  10. Alcaro

    Discussion Elvarian Carnival

    I am so pleased to see the old mechanics back! So far I noticed little changes - like: the chest 29 now is 30, can't remember all old % but right now I am really relieved to NOT see again the casino type event!
  11. Alcaro

    Wiki Dwarves - Dwarven Portal Level 2

    you should have posted in Bugs section, maybe then they would pay attention.
  12. Alcaro

    Fixed [29993] No FS Spire rewards?

    @palmira - it seems the bug landed on live servers too now. No rewards in Beta, en1, en2, en3.
  13. Alcaro

    Discussion Proposed trading star rating changes

    1:2:4 it's fine, easier to calculate. Change it! :)
  14. Alcaro

    Fixed [29993] No FS Spire rewards?

    Nothing here either.