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    Welcome to the team! Watch out for Marindor, I've heard he's a ruthless creature. ;)
  2. Aider

    Fixed [10001] Can gather coins from gold mines with full coin storage

    I had this happen as well. :)
  3. Aider

    Duplicate Sorceresses called Príests

    Hi Brummbaer - Seems this issue is the one linked below for you. ;) https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/8842-sorceresses-called-priests.4447/
  4. Aider

    Not a Bug Cannot produce Power of Provision spell

    Hello sterion - Do you have the required relics to produce the spell (are any of them red)?
  5. Aider

    Not a Bug Magic Academy Quest not declinable

    Hi Grace - Good to see you around again. ;) I am pretty sure this is intentional as the Magic Academy cannot be deleted and is a required building for progression on the tech tree. :)
  6. Aider

    Fixed [8842] Sorceresses called priests

    Oh noes! Getting same issue as OP. :)
  7. Aider

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 1.1 + Chapter VII: Fairies

    Umm, I'm pretty sure all it has to do is be confirmed by a moderator and not a "known" bug. If you aren't credited your Diamonds, you are always welcome to submit a ticket as the moderation team has stated in previous posts. :) But...to each his own. ;)
  8. Aider

    Not a Bug Research tree arrows are misplaced

    Woohoo! Looks like Grace and I were able to find out the cause for this one. :) Edge auto zoom'd to 200% on her browser due to her screen res. Once it goes to 200% or above the line will become misaligned. Once decreasing the browser tab zoom by one it will fix itself. :) Good work Grace! ;)...
  9. Aider

    Duplicate "Return home" doesn't work

    I can confirm this. :)
  10. Aider

    Fixed [8803] Quest completion not recognized

    I can confirm this. :)
  11. Aider

    Duplicate Trading rating system

    Duplicate to https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/4-star-trade-rating.4382/
  12. Aider

    Cannot reproduce Map neighbor titles missing box

    Hi Bobbykitty - This looks like a loading error to me. Have you tried closing some of your tabs and refresh to see if the error still occurs? I'm not getting any problems on my end. :)
  13. Aider

    Fixed [8805] Nightshade production time in Night Farm

    Hi Celeborn - I was not able to reproduce your error. Can you try editing your original post using the bug format found here to help those looking into the issue.
  14. Aider

    Not a Bug Research tree arrows are misplaced

    Hi Grace - I was not able to reproduce this issue. Have you tried refreshing your browser and clearing your cache? When trying a different browser do you encounter the same issue?
  15. Aider

    [Discussion] Coming soon!

    I agree! :) Prettier than those nasty dwarves. :X