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  1. Discussion Release Notes version 1.50

    Speaking about community's request is a bit insolent. People did not want to have their KP's wasted. That was the issue... And now it turned out to be like contract with the devil. No matter the result, players will lose anyway. Also like it was mentioned before - reasoning behind this has no...
  2. Discussion Release Notes version 1.50

    Playing heavily solo. Tournament chest is a result of fellowship's common effort and the prize now can be used only in one certain way. Another Inno's idea which is taking away players' decision making. Why you want us to play your game? You behave (again) as if you would like to play it for...
  3. Implemented [Other] Make event buildings give mana

    +1 To get space for S&D I deleted all of previously earned event buildings, even though they were better in terms of culture per square. If there isn't any mana cultural building in the Phoenix event I will not be motivated to participate very actively.
  4. [Discussion] Release Notes version 1.25 + Tournaments rebalancing

    It's quite funny to see how squad size calculation change backfired right now. ;) Tournaments give now lots of spells, so maybe it's a part of the quest system change? Turning off 'rolling quests'? Would be great. It can be abused too easily right now. And it would be very Inno-style to make a...
  5. Other Make the "Magic Academy" deletable

    Too bad it won't happen but I voted 'yes' anyway. This building is a total disaster. In my case it's been idle for months... I use it ONLY during events.
  6. [Discussion] Release Notes version 1.25 + Tournaments rebalancing

    No KP's and army sizes copied from regular province fights. 3rd star and I am losing on auto (in 2nd province!). Okay... No more playing here for me. Tournaments was to give us relics and now they give spells instead of relics. Another change I don't get. Should we or shouldn't we have 5x5 MA...
  7. [Discussion] Release Notes version 1.25 + Tournaments rebalancing

    I also think new loading screens are worse and it's not about I liked previous ones and got used to them. Elf is vulgar with her breasts almost popping out... Lots of fantasy games promote nudity but often pictures are more 'blurred' or poses are not so 'direct'. This image is too sharp and in...
  8. Discussion Version 1.23 + Sorcerers & Dragons

    Thanks, @Marindor / @Muf-Muf for the answers! Good to hear. Too bad it's all taking 'years'. ;) Playing this city-battle-Elvenar-game is getting harder and harder. ;)
  9. Elvenar, now what?

    @galoyal , I was a fighter but tournaments convinced me to stop. :) It's too much, too monotonny, too time consuming. While we had fights in provinces it was fine for me. It was an addon. Now it's more and more important and IMO - flawed. We have so called city builder and what can we do...
  10. Elvenar, now what?

    @galoyal , design is heavily flawed and does not fit into city builder game I started playing. It doesn't really matter whether I am 'greedy' or not. Sure, I can leave Elvenar and play something else but I want to believe there is still hope. If I lose my faith, I will leave. Simple as that. :)
  11. Elvenar, now what?

    Me too. I don't know any person who does. We all do it to 'gain something' not to enjoy. Unfortunately it is also true in case of many people who fight manually.
  12. Elvenar, now what?

    True. This. @Marindor , I know other things are going on but in my perception Elvenar moved from a relaxing, nice looking city builder to a tiring fighting game. Yes, tiring. Fighting system, especially in Tournaments area is made to make us tired. Just as rolling declinable quests over and...
  13. Discussion Version 1.23 + Sorcerers & Dragons

    Nice new unwanted by players quest givers portraits. If graphic designers are bored and need something to do I would say: please make level 6, 11, 16 graphics for all wonders and come back to having their big versions in the city landscape. :) I miss those two nice things, very much. I don't...
  14. [Discussion] Valentine's Event

    @blackbudahflyb , are you trolling with #23? I hope so... ;) If it's true and it goes to live like that it may help Inno get rid of some angry veterans, I believe. ;)