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    Human VS Elfes

  2. Acamax

    I guess...

    no sorry Im abroad for 3 months so less active on the forum.. Sorella next?
  3. Acamax

    I'm here...

    Welcome, enjoy the game (and forum:D)
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    I guess...

    Im laying low, but still here :) Sorella?
  5. Acamax

    I guess...

    Back from easter trip, sorry :D Drialik?
  6. Acamax

    I guess...

    I am :D Elvyanix?
  7. Acamax

    I guess...

    sorry Sorella?
  8. Acamax


    Welcome, enjoy the game (and forum:D)
  9. Acamax

    Trader New options

    I agree Expanding the trade range and maybe adding trading posts like we're trying to come up with here (click) and here (click) will be a better 'fix' (I think) to the goods problem than when you expand the wholesaler. This way you keep the neighbor-trading system intact. With more people...
  10. Acamax

    I guess...

    Cat here :D ThePhantom?
  11. Acamax

    Implemented [Trader] Deep developed trader?

    You are right, I mean trading with more undiscovered neighbors but still with a fee (that gets a little less when you upgrade your trader). I'm not quite sure there is a fixed number at the moment, but it seems that you can trade with +3 range (counting from the last one of your discovered...
  12. Acamax

    Maybe He's Heavy Melee?

    What about the third one then? Hope you didn't forget to name him, he's already all alone guarding an (awesome) passage :( :p Top middle of the city screen ..
  13. Acamax

    Duplicate Residential building not producing

    I have this happening at the moment There is a 20 min time difference between the two screenshots, but the count-down-bar is frozen at 1275 coins and there is no icon above my 2 houses :oops: It indeed seems like the same bug as in that thread :) edit: a refresh fixed the problem (it...
  14. Acamax

    Implemented [Trader] Deep developed trader?

    I think you're talking about this (click) post? I think I prefer development of the trader through research and upgrades (like manufactories and all buildings really). Something like this: Research Trader = level 1 trader (like the one we have now) Research Trade post = You can place 2...
  15. Acamax

    Duplicate One button for all your factories and workshops !!

    Something like that is being discussed here (click) . You might wanna check it out :)